a message.. for a change ….

counting the days

not much longer to go… and we will be moving into our new home. for months, weeks i have been looking forward to this, but it felt “abstract” … not quite real. but now it does. now, that i have started to pack, to sort out, de-clutter, give away things to charity, sell some items… now it becomes more and more real.
first our 3 rooms looked chaotic because some of the furniture we had sold had been picked up already.. so there was even less space. especially in the kitchen… our kitchen table has become a storage space – in multi-layers! same goes for the kitchen chairs; no place to sit but layers of “stuff” is stored there.
but now, all my books have been packed into 4 moving boxes. today i will start packing my art things – paints, pencils, chalks, paper etc. i will just keep one box of pencils, some sketching paper, one box of crayons and perhaps my markers … you never know when i might just feel like sketching something. so i want to be able to do so. the rest will go into the big box.
it feels good, to tidy up, sort out, declutter. moving to this new home feels like a new start and i/we want to arrive there with just the things we need. all excess baggage has to go. already i feel that this has an impact on me. clarity. i know where my art is taking me now. for a long long time i was jumping all over the place in styles, now i know what my style is. dark art.. definitely. in photography and digital art, but now i also want to create dark art in “traditional” style – painting, collage, drawings, mixed-media etc. that is a new adventure for sure, something to look forward to, something to start in my new home.
those who know me, know that my dark art is not blood and gore. it is.. creepy – yes sometimes; humorous – yes that too; subtle – yes!; perhaps a bit shocking? i don’t know. let it just happen, we shall see. and mind you, i will also create “other” styles, that wont really change, however my main focus will be on the dark art bit.
so having said all this…… please understand that right now i am mainly occupied with our move, my focus is on decluttering-packing-organizing etc and less on art. so i might be a bit more absent from FB, twitter etc. but i will check-in daily and i will reply to mails and all.
where will we be moving to? a lovely house on a hill, at the edge of the woods, not far from a huge lake in south-western hungary.
love and light to all


3 Responses to “a message.. for a change ….”

  1. August 3, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    I wish my books could be stored in just four boxes! Most of them are still unpacked from arriving at Christmas. I’m going to have to be ruthless when we unpack them! Wishing you strength and hugs for a new life in your new home. 😀

    • 2 mimulux
      August 3, 2015 at 8:47 pm

      oh these are only the books i had here. i still have some in boxes.. stored at my late mum in law’s place. the new house has big book shelves.. on a gallery….. def my favourite spot in the house 🙂 and thanks for the good wishes sarah 🙂

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