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will she talk to me ? … wird sie mit mir reden ? … mixed media on cardboard

will she talk to me from cloud downsized

will she talk to me ? … wird sie mit mir reden ?

poor fella .. he does seem to be a bit intimidated by her… he would love to approach her.. talk to her.. but would she respond.. would she even be aware of him? fears and insecurity are happening big time .. but i hope he will gather up his courage and just.. say something to her. i am sure she will respond.. she is not as intimidating as she looks… good luck to him ! ūüôā

mixed media on cardboard.. size 19 x 9 centimeters


my inner child is having a ball … “The red Cat on the Roof” … mixed media on cardboard

die rote katze auf dem dach downsizeddie rote katze auf dem dach – the red cat on the roof

mixed media with collage elements on cardboard. size 9 x 19 centimeters; signed on the front… i added a protective varnish to the painting. the original is for sale.. for info please contact me.

you might have noticed… my inner child is having a ball……. having fun and being totally happy. for a long time it had to stay put and quiet… act “grown-up” during my cancer treaments.. and all the stuff that happend during this particular journey. the inner child went very quiet .. tried to support me as much as possible, but i was not in the mood, not capable for fun and games.. preoccupied with other matters, my inner child got a bit neglected. but now things have changed and .. my inner child is back.. i give it all the attention it wants and i get “rewarded” by lovely, artsy input, images full of colour and life. i hope you all are having as much fun with this as i/we are having.


moonstruck – monds√ľchtig … the moon’s everywhere and those fish love it …

finished for fb

Moonstruck – Monds√ľchtig
even though the moon is not full yet… the fish are totally moonstruck.. from the depths of the ocean they swim/fly right towards it.. attracted by luna’s magic light.
mixed media on canvas
30×30 cm
available in my Artfinder Gallery 

a new WIP and a photo

yesterday i decided to go for a walk.. a walk in the park… bally park to be exact.. a beautiful place.. close to where i live. it will be my last walk there for a while though.. since i am an “at risk person” … i will no longer venture outside but rather stay indoors.. and just go with the flow.

anyway… the walk happened… the WIP happened.. the other way round though.. FIRST the WIP.. late at night, the day before yesterday… then the walk. i don’t feel “stuck” indoors.. it is as it is, or as i said above… i just go with the flow. my muse is very busy i am glad to say… lots of ideas tumbling around in my head.. and i actually have ANOTHER WIP… but that is still very very early stages so no photos yet. but that will be a first for me.. it is BIG… 60×80 cm.. i never made anything that big before…… it is a bit.. awe-some.. but having a very pushy muse i know.. i will get there eventually.
take care everybody… and i wish you good health ! much love and light to all ‚ô•

march 2020 aare downsized

view on the River Aare, taken from the Bally Park, Switzerland


my new WIP


Spring Mandala – a Mandala of Hope, Faith, Love and Peace


Spring Mandala

a Mandala of Hope, Faith, Love and Peace … dedicated to my family and friends. Much Love and Light to all ‚ô•

mixed media on canvas board, diameter 30 cm. signed on the back.


Featured in … Pink Panther Magazine – a celebration of women’s art and writing

i am very honored and grateful and happy… and thrilled to bits actually,¬† for having had my mixed media painting “PENSIVE MOMENT” featured in Pink Panther Magazine – a celebration of women’s art and writing.¬† THANK YOU SO MUCH !!




gartenstadt – garden town .. a happy, fun place to be…

Gartenstadt - Garden Town downsized

Gartenstadt – Garden Town

mixed media on heavy watercolour paper, with collage elements for which i used newspaper, origami paper and old reciepts etc.
size 20x20cm – 7.87×7.87″
original for sale; for info pls contact me through my contact page. prints available.

Garden Town is a very happy place.. at the moment it is rather quiet.. well it is just around lunchtime and nobody’s outside.. busy indoors.. cooking or eating or whatever..


.. das rote wildschwein – the red wildboar ..

Das Rote Wildschwein from clouddownsized

Das rote Wildschwein – The red Wildboar

.. es freut sich √ľber und geniesst die im wald gefundenen √§pfel …
is happy about and enjoys the apples it has found in the forest
mixed media 19.5 x 13.8 cm auf aquarellpapier / on watercolour paper
so.. from below sealevel i am off to the forest.. this wildboar just happened very spontaneously.. it sort of jumped at me……. very outsider and art brut i find.. and i kinda like it….. it is available for sale.. if you are interested, please contact me. i did not upload it to any galleries…….

… at the Pink Coral … mixed media on stretched canvas …


… at the Pink Coral .. is a standard saying down here in the reef.. we meet.. “at the Pink Coral” and everybody knows what that means… and where it is.. right beside the blue Shell-Inn, where they serve lovely fish food, Algae Quiche or roasted Sandworm .. there’s something for every taste there… the old, the young and the middle aged meet at the Pink Coral… for a chat… to hit the town … to exchange the latest news.. the Pink Coral is definitely a central meeting place down here…….

mixed media on stretched canvas, 30 x 30 cm; the original can be purchased on ARTFINDER  .. prints are available in my various online stores, please check out my Buy my Art page … if you have questions.. please do not hesitate to contact me !

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