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….. i never thought … the zen of knitting

………..that i would actually knit… and SELL what i was knitting … this sure comes as a nice, wonderful, lovely surprise… because i LOVE TO KNIT. knitting is relaxing, meditative, grounding, it centers me … connects me to God, calms me, in other words, it makes me feel great.

why did i start ? i cannot even remember why.. just because … ah.. i remember.. my younger daughter was on the phone to me and we talked about .. no idea what… suddenly she said to me… mother .. you know how to knit. how about a pair of legwarmers … i was taken aback.. haven’t knitted anything in at least 30 years… and before i could say.. well no not really.. she said.. i would be so happy, thanks ma … well here i was stuck. not really sure i could do that… then…i bought wool. that is a must. no synthetics here.. BIG NO !!! … so i ordered wool… too much of it – of course but better too much than too little. so i ordered it, plus knitting needles.. plus one or the other accessory i need. so 2 days later my wool arrived… i felt so insecure… can i really do that? well i could … not the first round because my daughter didn’t want to have a checkered texture on one side and not on the other… so back to knitting and adding another checkered texture so that it looks just about the same. … my socks never do… look the same. i prefer wild intuitive socks…well to make a longish story short… my daughter loves her legwarmers and i hope my customers and friends will all like the bobbisox i will knit for them .. mimusox are on their way to rule the world … ha haaaaaa ! lol 🙂

btw i am listening to Grand Funk the LP WE’RE AN AMERICAN BAND .. if you wanna join me in listening just click on the link. thanks 🙂
yes and of course i also paint… working on something. so my days are filled….. with painting and knitting.. both things i love doing. ain’t i the lucky one… staying at home and doing what i want… that really is luxury…… so let me enjoy it. oh and here is the link to my portfolio page .. only my original mixed media paintings are sold there. no prints … >>>>>>> <<<<<<< that’s da place to visiter …… yup.

wishing you all a wonderful evening, then a good night.. and remember.. you need socks, contact me from my contact page…it is wonderful to own a pair of mimusox … 🙂


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