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let the colors speak … and i will stay quiet… sort of at least

i am doing two things at the moment……. art-wise that is. on the one hand i follow my usual chaotic style… but as of lately a new “style” has slowly crept in. a style that works purely with colours. no figures…. no trees, no people or houses…….. just colors…….. colors that say it all. i will show you some of those today… and let THEM do the talking … or … the whispering.. or whatever appeals to you… makes you hear them… sometimes… also the eyes can hear….. did you know that ? so…… listen carefully and i hope you will enjoy :).

as you can see… this is a novum for me. a novum in the sense that i can stick to one style alone… well two that is.. but this is the first time that something consistent is happening. i know therer is more… there will be more…… so come with me on my journey ……….. and let’s go for it, in colors….

all my art is available as usual in my online gallery at DailyPaintworks.. just follow the >>> LINK
all 3 of these paintings measure 32 x 24 / 12.5 x 9.4 inches and are acrylics on heavy watercolour paper. larger sizes will follow.


darn it all… i did it again………

i wrote my blog…. wanted to preview it……. DID preview it….. went back.. and lost the whole entry. do i hear laughter out there ?? NO… it is NOT FUNNY……….. well….. not really. it annoys me.. just a bit… and yes it is a bit funny too.. i have to admit 😀 so…. here we go….. once again below sea level.. my muse is dipping and diving….. going here and there… in the water ….. out of it…. into the desert ? who knows.. we shall see. working on two paintings right now….. first the fishy one……..

and then………. there is this one

two totally different paintings. yes……. no ?? no….. not really. compare them… the shapes, forms… energy coming from it…… is the one below the abstraction of the one above? could be… yes… no ? let me know what you think 🙂
and yes….. i will finally start creating a homepage here…. it IS high time… i have to admit 🙂


….. oh.. shocking ……………


shocking isn’t it………… suddenly this totally abstract, digital art.. i LOVE creating digital art… problem is, that my computer is just not really ideal for it. doesn’t matter.. that wont stop me. i need to create digital art.. i need to do photography… i need it to be balanced… one enhances the other.. one inspires the other.. if i would paint only, i would feel unbalanced..

so.. if you like ABSTRACT 89 it can be purchased on FineartAmerica, on ArtPal and on Society6…. please follow this link and you will find a list of all my online stores … >>>>> FOLLOW THIS LINK PLEASE


Mandalas … i love them



mixed media Mandala on gesso board, 30 x 30 cm – original for sale ..
also available as prints and on many different products on

i love creating mandalas… and if you should decide to follow the link to pixels com  you will see 3 different types in one gallery…. two are created as mixed media art… one is created digitally. 2 are more traditional in the sense… more geometric… whereas this one here is free flowing.. whirling around.. energy emanating.. spreading positive vibes and good energy. the circles are only hinted at… the forms and shapes are mostly abstract.. but not all of them. creating mandalas is very meditative.. healing and soothing..

have a wonderful start into a fabulous week tomorrow 🙂 love and light to you 🙂


At the Waterlilypond .. and now for some mixedmedia abstract


At the Waterlilypond

mixed media on canvas board – 24 x 32 cm

been working on this for a couple of days.. useed wax crayons.. on top of the – mostly – acrylic background .. also added some ink for washes but also to paint.. i felt very quiet and relaxed whilst working on this. it has a soothing effect i think.. meditative… zen..

the original is for sale in my artfinder gallery, prints and products are available in my Redbubble and FineArtAmerica online shops.. for links please check out my Buy My Art page …


… and now.. a mix of both ….

a mix of both? yes….. here in this painting i mixed “traditional” art and digital art… another form of mixed media thus ? i should think so.  the original was painted on canvas board, using acrylics and wax crayons. then i took a photo and uploaded this to my graphic program, where i added … just a bit. i did not want it to be too different from the original.. just a little tweak here and there.. prints, posters and products are available on RedBubble, and Society6



Advice for Life: Follow the Dots


Advice for Life: Follow the Dots

if only it were so easy .. 🙂

mixed media on watercolour paper

for sale in my Artfinder Gallery


mixed media: Elementals – Fire & Earth

the first two in my elemental series

to the left: Fire Elemental – Salamander
to the right: Earth Elemental – Dancing Gnomes

my original art is for sale in my ArtFire Gallery

buy my art at

Sell Art Online

buy posters and art prints

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