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.. the couple … my parents?? nope.. def not… must be another couple…

ey friends……. it is a bummer when you cannot sit properly…. those darn metastases are in my hips… my thigh .. my pelvic bones… so.. it hurts to sit… to walk……. but i am getting a wheelchair soon so.. that will take care of going outdoor-matters… looking forward to that… when i can move around outside again.. you bet i will have my camera ready by then :)) i also just purchased a memory-foam-gel-cushion.. thanks to that i hope that sitting will be more comfortable again 🙂

so.. what’s that all got to do with my painting ?`? nothing…….. i guess… or do you see a connection ?? ok.. so.. this is my latest painting….. The Couple – Das Paar…… who is who?? no idea… do you ??

The Couple – Das Paar

this painting is 29.5 x 21 centimeters – 11.4 x 8.2 inches
acrylics and acrylic markers
painted on cardboard


and…… whoooooshhhhhhhhhhh … it’s gone – yepeee :)

i am talking about the collage i made yesterday. i had just uploaded it to fb when i got a message by one of my dear followers…. asking me for the price. well i made her an offer and she was ok with it and bought it. (doing a little happydance in my studio) 🙂 🙂 🙂

i am making another one… it will be called… Collage Henri 2 … no it is still a wip and i wont show you THAT. … i informed my buyer that i am making a second one, also a hommage to henri de toulouse-lautrec’s amazing art…….. do you think that is ok ??

so anyway… here is the one i sold yesterday.. i also published it in my yesterday’s post… but it looks very small there.. kinda hidden a bit……. so here it is again in big……… and once the other one is finished… that will be also posted 🙂

et voilà …. Collage Henri

Collage Henri


…from unicorns to queens and oracles …. symbolism rocks !!!

ok i have been quiet.. once again.. forgive me please 🙂 been running around a lot and unfortunately this takes its toll on me… i feel washed out and exhausted … my energy levels heading towards “very low”… however.. art keeps me awake.. energizes me even… well we all know, that art heals ! so art gives me all the good energy i need.. but …. writing something in my blog is a different story … …… anyway.. got nothing planned til next tuesday so i can rest…… and paint… and rest some more….. paint some more.. etc etc 🙂
so……… here is my latest painting.. all in acrylics.. AND on stretched canvas …… rather rare for me.



so.. going back to my symbolic art……. this painting is for sale and if you want to know more about it… please contact me through my contact page here on my blog.

the dimensions of this painting are 24x30x1.5 centimeters or 9.48×11.81×0.59 inches… painted on stretched canvas

of course……. prints etc are available… on FineArt America and on Red Bubble


… happy little unicorn .. happy birthday zoe

today is my granddaughter zoe’s 11th birthday…….. she adores unicorns…. so i decided to make her a little birthday card with a happy little Unicorn. again.. i upcycled some cardboard… originally a box containing catfood.. but it is so wonderful cause i can really use the whole box.. open it up.. unfold it.. and then cut out the pieces… then prepping the cardboard so it will last.. with several layers of guesso… then give it a white acrylic base.. and from there i start with my paintings 🙂
so anyway……. her it is… the happy little Unicorn on upcycled cardboard


… from traditional to digital ….

hi everybody

it’s been a while … sorry for not communicating … life happens….. ART happens……. and since art IS life… yes well that would take us too far now 🙂

hope you are all doing well… and just a few infos. i sold 3 paintings… i got a commission to do one in the Bird & Apple Tree style, sold another small one….. AND changed my hair style……. LOL.. from waist-length to an almost shaved head.. bald is beautiful my friends ! i was interviewed this morning….. YAY … and there will be a publication of this interview – yeah kinda logic… – but it will be in german…. mh.

apart from that.. all is well.. and now… this is what the header is all about. i did this painting in the traditional style… all in acrylics in fact, on cardboard… recycling art rocks ! .. a fish… painted on a piece of cardboard, which originally was a box for catfood….. ha ha…. kind of ironic isn’t it. so it was one fish at first… then i digitalized it.. and had the idea of mirroring it… and editing it a bit more in my various programs… and my painting went from the original “3-Auge / 3-Eyes … to the zodiac sign of PISCIES …….. i like it myself to be honest… the tribal quality it has. i love fish.. as you all know.. love to paint them.. but right now i am working on a new cardboard-art piece.. another theme i love.. houses.. villages, cities… and life there….. you’ll see.. i will publish it for you once it is done.

wishing you all a marvellous day… a happy week… be good, be safe… and stay healthy !

much love and light to all………… pat 🙂


… so it looks… like this is not a one-time thing ….

… my love to create stories within stories seems to be the style i like best… no comments from my side… let the viewer of my art find her or his story.. her/his component of my art that resonates within that person… and create their own story from it. so here is another one… BIRD AND APPLETREE it is called… another story… with more story elements integrated into it. it is a mixed media drawing on paper … 32 x 24 cm big… or make that 12.5 x 9.4 inches — and yes of course it is also for sale. for more info please contact me. this piece of art is also available in my various online stores.. such as … or RedBubble .. for more info just check out my “Buy my Art” page — just click on the link …
i am already working on a new story within a story… ….. ♥ ♥ ♥ — have a great week all !




… so now, let’s get a little bit serious .. i have to admit something …. :)

good morning friends … well.. you might have noticed that lately i have published more and more art brut / outsider art paintings… this is actually what i always wanted to paint but never had the courage to do.. i was used to painting “nice” and “pretty” .. which is absolutely ok of course.. but it wasn’t or isn’t really me. art brut is me.. letting the inner child take control.. complete control.. and shut down that inner critic, that adult spoil-fun .. the funny thing is.. these paintings sell immediately. the cow and the blue goat sold within 3 hours of me uploading them. no.. it is not the money that interests me.. but it shows me that my paintings seem to appeal.. the people buying them can feel… that these paintings come from my heart and my soul. they ARE me… so i really hope that you too enjoy these paintings.. have fun.. laugh.. and embrace that inner child 🙂 yours and mine !! love and light to all 🙏❤🥰


… and what’s this wiggling our way ??? …

yayyyyy.. it’s another happy fish……. a smiling one.. of course.. another one in my fish-series.. if you can call it that.. it just swam my way this morning and tadaa after a while.. this little happy fish became visible on a piece of paper.. so yes… it is for sale of course.. just contact me for info.. it is very affordable.. it is only uhm.. 12×16 centimeters big.. which would be… OH GHOSh .. something like.. 4.7×6.2 inches…….. so now.. here we go

The HappyFisch

… have a lovely day .. and don’t be shy to contact me 🙂


.. oh .. woot woot… i did it again.. yayayayyyy !!! …

so.. what did i do again ??

oh… so what is it that i did do again ?? what… D I D I D O !!!! ??? (imagine big eyes now) … oh well….. nothing bad.. nothing… that i need to worry about……….. actually i did something really fab.. i did contribute some art to the TWITTER ART EXHIBIT those who know me, know that this isn’t the first time that i am taking part. this year is year 11 for TAE and i am very proud to having taken part in the first TAE 11 years ago. for more info.. just follow the link .. so here is my art… which i sent off this evening.. my art.. which was inspired by a poem by the German poet Karl Philipp Conz (1762 – 1827), Die Windesbraut .. unfortunately i could not find an english translation for this poem. so … here we go:

Die Windesbraut / Bride of the Wind
mixed media on heavy watercolour paper
acrylics, waxcrayon, india ink, collage
postcard sized


… woosh.. first it’s here and now it’s gone .. almost

i don’t think i ever sold anything so quickly as my little blue donkey today … 🙂 i must admit.. this is of course a GREAT boost to my ego.. and this buyer really and truly made my day… so a big thank you goes her way.
actually my little blue donkey was supposed to be a cow.. but that’s not how it worked out.. obviously. i started off with the head and.. no.. this didn’t look like the head of a cow.. so i just continued et voilà … my little blue donkey appeared. and i had barely uploaded it to my facebook account… and then it was sold. just like that .. whoosh……. but… thanks to modern technology… my little blue donkey is still available… not the original painting… but in printform.. on varoius materials and products… if you like LITTLE BLUE DONKEY .. just check out my account on FineartAmerica or RedBubble or Society6 .

acrylics on paper

original sold… prints etc. available on FineartAmerica

buy my art at

Sell Art Online

buy posters and art prints

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