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… still with them bumbly bees… and a little more ..

i admit.. my creativity took a rest lately. i have been doodling a lot though….. i find that very relaxing and inspiring also.. and as you will be able to see further down.. my mind is still with the bees. so actually, my creativity did not take a rest.. just moved on to a different level … however.. i also did a painting today… called it The Sound of Silence… very outsider art, art brut, art singulier. simple… yet not.

other than that… i don’t have much to say… am a bit quiet too at the moment. need to arrange my new studio… empty those moving boxes… arrange everything……

take care all.. blessings to all.. and much love and light 🙂 … pat ♥

p.s. .. and listen to the sound of silence.. and i don’t necessarily mean the song by simon and garfunkel 😉 even though the song of course is very beautiful 🙂

ah yes.. the sound of silence measures app. 15 x 21 centimeters and is for sale 🙂


that yellow background with clear gesso and acrylic ink …

that particular backround i mentioned in my last blog post… remember? the muse was nudging me along .. in that direction… of course… i could not resist my muse and started to work on that background… just went with the flow.. and this little drawing evolved.. it is really VERY mixed media.. mucholy so… starting with the background for which i used clear gesso… and then yellow and a bit of red acrylic ink…… and THEN some titan white to top it off… oh i love to create backgrounds… is it noticeable ?? anyway… that particluar background was ready for more… and it started with the house at the bottom… i used an ordinary pencil for that…. then i added ballpoin pen… and THEN i added black pastel pencil….. and thus my little drawing happened… and its title is.. Haus der Träume / House of Dreams… hope you enjoy it 🙂 love and light to all !


oh my gosh.. .. a new life .. and so much happening

dear friends.. dear readers

my chemotherapy makes me very tired… a fact which really made me angry at the beginning.. i fought against it, could not accept it… wanted it to go away. but fatigue doesn’t just “go away”. fatigue is – or can be – totally overwhelming.. i walked around like a zombie.. and i would avoid sitting on the sofa cause i knew.. the moment i sat on it.. i would fall asleep. so .. i sat on uncomfortable chairs, just to keep me awake. i would purposely stay active… do something.. anything.. just to get away from fatigue. of course.. – yes you guessed correctly – all of that did not work.. on the contary.. it made it worse. fatigue turned into a huge black wave.. that would just catch me.. engulf me.. and drag me along.. into the land of sleep. my sleep is so deep that i cannot hear the phone ring.. nor the alarm clock.. nor the doorbell. i am out of it.. completely.. almost “unconscious”… a goner…… zilch……. out….. just blackness surrounding me.

but things have changed… and that is the “new life” part… i realize that my sleep is there for a reason. it has a purpose.. it even has a healing quality… this “revelation” was initiated by a dear friend of mine.. who prayed for me … and during her prayer i had this.. aha moment.. and there was a flow of energy entering me.. it was a totally amazing feeling and it changed my point of view. i still have cancer related fatigue though.. every day… every hour.. every minute… but during my friend’s prayer i suddenly was able to change perspectives.. i.e. sleep was not my enemy, but my friend. so now.. i have made adjustments to my life.. in the mornings.. i am awake.. i do my stuff, the householdy stuff… and once the flat is cleaned… well sort of.. … it is art time. art.. is amazing.. art heals… art gives me energy.. art makes me happy.. when i am creating something.. i do not feel the fatigue.. it is there.. but i do not feel it. i am on a different level.. i enjoy what i am doing and it gives me so much.. i feel so blessed and happy… that i have this gift., that i was given this gift !… it is such a great help now 🙂 ok. that was a long story…. at 4.30 p.m. though… i am off. i go and lay down on my bed.. and within 10 minutes max.. i sleep.. sometimes 2 hours… sometimes 3.. once i even slept til almost 10 p.m. !!! .. wow.. but i have come to terms with things… and i have re-arranged my life.. so that my body gets what it needs.. sleep.. a LOT of it… but also energizing stuff like.. art.. or a workout at the gym … a walk.. or just sitting on the balcony and enjoying the sun 🙂

now to the wowowow part 🙂 i sold two paintings this week. isn’t that absolutely amazing?? both of them are off to the USA on monday. ! so here they are… take a look.. and i have many more paintings waiting for a new home… :)) i wish you all a marvellous day.. be happy, take care.. stay healthy…. wear that mask darn it !!!! .. and be good 🙂

love and light………. pat ♥

a big THANK YOU to the collectors who bought my art. i am very grateful… and i wish you lots of joy and happiness with my art !!


…. and this is moi ……..

hi friends 🙂

i have a new piece of art which i would like to publish tomorrow… but FIRST ….. here.. is another piece of art… no not seriously… but this is this crazy woman who has been posting her art here over the years 🙂 i wish you all a good night… 🙂


Return of the Red Daisies … mixed media art


Return of the Red Daisies
new in my gallery on ArtFinder
heavily textured and layered mixed media painting
17.5 x 24 cm, on canvas board 

Flight of the Lunar Moths



during fullmoon nights, the lunar moths can be seen flying over fields of flowers, attracted by the magic light of the moon …
mixed media on heavy watercolour paper – 24x32cm i.e. 9.4×12.6 in.
original for sale at DailyPaintworks or directly through me. Please contact me through my contact page ..
available as prints and on products on RedBubble and FineArtAmerica/ ..


where to place art ….

it is not easy finding a good gallery on the net. i have tried a few and some of them started out very good.. and then gradually turned more and more disappointing.. artist support went from good to well-just-about-ok … commissions for the gallery went up and up .. the promised promo never happened..  oh well such is life i guess 🙂

now however i have found a new gallery. yes there is a monthly fee – first month is free though – but i must admit … i am amazed at all the “goodies” offered to the artist. customer support is fab.. i have a problem, contact them .. and get an answer quickly. the whole set-up might be a bit overwhelming at first.. how to add art, etc.. but it is so well described and there are many great help tools that even for “beginners” it becomes easy to use. artists can add their art into their gallery – where it can be put into different categories and each piece of art can be directly linked to the artist’s paypal account, so if it is bought you get paid immediately! – and there is also an option to create an auction !

there is a lot of info .. and this gallery is def worth looking at.. so far i am very happy there 🙂 so .. where is it ?? just click on the image below and you will be taken there, to my personal gallery on Daily Paintworks. have a great sunday 🙂

promo for my page


starry night – mixed media


Starry Night 
mixed media on heavy watercolour paper
24×32 cm i.e. 9,4×12,6 in.

for more info please check out or send me a message 


the surf – digital art


another new digital creation, available as wall art – posters, prints, canvas prints, and on various products on

RedBubble – posters, prints, art boards, various products, also t-shirts and other aparel
Society6 – posters, prints, various products
OhMyPrints – prints, posters
Displate – metal posters

or contact me directly for more info


Approaching the Blue Hour


Approaching the Blue Hour
mixed media on heavy watercolour paper
original for sale at my Artfinder Gallery 

buy my art at

Sell Art Online

buy posters and art prints

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