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… so after the mice……… follows the tigress …

to make a long story short….. i am a DOG person…….. grew up with dogs… my parents had dogs…. i love them… dogs… and my parents too of course. but as i have difficulties walking i can no longer offer a dog what he or she needs…. exercise, long walks.. etc etc. i am STILL a dog person….. but i adopted 2 cats.. brother and sister .. you’d never think so however.. he is black and white.. she is a calico. i am still not a real cat person……. but i got used to the idea of having two of them ūüôā and yes… course i love them. she, chira, loves sleeping on my solar plexus.. the minute she spots me sitting comfortably somewhere.. or laying down on my bed… she’d walk up to me… get on to my solar plexus, curl up and fall asleep…… mh. so what does that say about me ?? ūüôā ? anyway.. here she is… my tigress……… Chira


.. a little bit of day.. and a little bit of night ….

i published my new art in various facebook groups, of which i am a member… and i got a wonderful compliment from one admin… when he saw my art his comment was.. a little bit of Klee .. and a little bit of Chagall … wow.. i feel really honoured to have my art described in such a way. it made my day !!

so what’s this all about ?? my latest two mixed media drawings… one a night time one.. the other .. a day time one.

both are mixed media drawings… for the warm spring day i used ballpoint pen, felt tipped pens and wax pastles… for the night painting i used acrylic ink, wax pastels. both are for sale.. and both of them are available as prints and on products in both my Redbubble and my FineartAmerica / stores.


… oh well now.. here he is…

one real mean alley cat named ANTOINE… all the cats in town are in awe of him.. fear him even.. he never loses a fight and knows no fear……… BUT … when ANTOINE sees and smells daisies.. oh my gosh… then this huge big, mean old alley cat turns in to a purring ball of furry sweetness… now there you see what flowers can do !!!
so here we go.. meet………

ANTOINE the DaisyLoving AlleyCat

The original ANTOINE is for sale of course… and for more info please just contact me.

24×32 centimeters – 9.4×12.6 inches
mixed media on watercolour paper

but of course… ANTOINE is also available as print.. and on various products on FineArtAmerica/


When Dreaming of a White Cat ….


When Dreaming of a White Cat …

mixed media on watercolour paper
17 x 24 cm – 6.69 x 9.44 inches
yes… what does it mean, when you dream of a white cat ? … 

… and who are you ? … und wer bist du ?

und wer bist du fertig mobile DOWNSIZED

.. and who are you ??
happily the red cat was walking through the meadows, when something shiny, goldish attracted its attention.. oh dear.. who are you?? shocked the cat stopped and stared at this blue and gold creature, wearing imposing antlers on its head ! meanwhile, the goose was flying towards the sun ..
mixed media on cardboard size 30 x 21 cm
.. und wer bist du ??
zufrieden spaziert die rote katze durch die wiese, als pl√∂tzlich etwas goldenes aufblitzt und ihre aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht….. achje… wer bist du denn?? erschrocken h√§lt die katze inne…. und starrt auf die blau-goldene kreatur mit dem beeindruckenden geweih auf ihrem kopf! w√§hrenddessen, fliegt die gans in richtung sonne ..
mixed media auf karton, grösse 30 x 21 cm

my inner child is having a ball … “The red Cat on the Roof” … mixed media on cardboard

die rote katze auf dem dach downsizeddie rote katze auf dem dach – the red cat on the roof

mixed media with collage elements on cardboard. size 9 x 19 centimeters; signed on the front… i added a protective varnish to the painting. the original is for sale.. for info please contact me.

you might have noticed… my inner child is having a ball……. having fun and being totally happy. for a long time it had to stay put and quiet… act “grown-up” during my cancer treaments.. and all the stuff that happend during this particular journey. the inner child went very quiet .. tried to support me as much as possible, but i was not in the mood, not capable for fun and games.. preoccupied with other matters, my inner child got a bit neglected. but now things have changed and .. my inner child is back.. i give it all the attention it wants and i get “rewarded” by lovely, artsy input, images full of colour and life. i hope you all are having as much fun with this as i/we are having.


one model … two poses

yesterday i went for a walk… took my camera along and there she was .. the model.. relaxing on a garden wall.. watching me first… being very aloof…. then just dozing off.. ignoring me completely … at least i was allowed to take a few shots.. and here are the results.. one in black and white… one slightly edited, both available in following galleries:

OhMyPrints , , RedBubble , Displate and for my customers in Switzerland at PrintArt



Vampy Kitty


Vampy Kitty
sitting on a branch on a fullmoon night
.. is available in my ArtFinder Gallery … just follow the LINK for more info please


mixed media: Wise Woman and her Young Familiar


Wise Woman and her Young Familiar

mixed-media art
prints, posters, cards available,
original for sale !
for infos please contact me


Bossa Nova KittyKat

Bossa Nova KityKat SMALL original

Bossa Nova KittyKat

Wax Crayons, Goauche, Inktense Pencils on heavy Watercolour Paper

Bossa Nova KittyKat is available as Fine Art Prints in my various galleries and on several products in my online stores. please check out my BUY MY ART page for more info

buy my art at

Sell Art Online

buy posters and art prints

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