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… goodness … it’s been aaaages !!!

…. hi everybody… yes ages…… so much happened in the meantime… healthwise and artwise too of course 🙂 i could add a few paintings and drawings here.. gosh…… and i will… slowly.. one by one. starting with the newest… the one that is not even finished yet ! but why not… i will show you my art in reversed order…. more or less. i am not a very organized person… more the spontaneous, temperamental, emotional type. ask my husband… he will confirm this for sure 🙂 🙂 🙂 poor man… i love him dearly 🙂

yes well, so let me start with my WIP… the one i have started today.. it is about… 1/3rd finished… it has a working title, but i wont tell it… cause then you will start guessing what the finished artwork will look like and i do not want that. it is heavily mixed-media of course… 🙂

healthwise… well my last MRI was not so good. it shows that the tumor in my spine has grown. that is why i need a wheelchair now when i have to master longer walks, i.e. as of about 10 steps i need it. at home i use a stick or my rolly .. either one. that tumor is a real bastard… not only is it of the “triple-negative” type.. oh no.. now it winds itself around my nerves.. the ones in my spine… approx. in the area of the coxxygial bone/lumbar vertebrae … now my doc is sending me for another spinal, thorax etc CT and a head MRI – yeah.. also got one tumor in my head. don’t think that it has grown though…. the side effects in my face haven’t worsened… so i do not really worry.. but we shall see.

i feel good mind you. .. at least in my head.. meaning… my psyche is just doing fine… only my body is getting unreliable. oh well, such is life. i am religious.. yes i believe in God and i know He is with me.. so why worry. i cannot change anything, anyway. worrying is just a waste of time. apart from creating art, i have now joined a hotline… a hotline that is open for senior citizens who feel lonely, who just want to chat, talk about their everyday life, complain about the “loud” neighbour, ask questions about various things… it is a very nice and rewarding “job” – a voluntary job of course. we are a team of about 40 people, we take our turns, our shifts are 3 hours, and we work about 2-3 shifts per week. we have clients that call daily… and others that just call once or twice. as i said… i enjoy doing it.

ok enought talk. here it is………. my latest WIP… enjoy and guess 🙂 have fun 🙂

Peace, Love and Light to all !!!

OK… one more… the last one i finished … the title is

all images shown on this page are ©artbymimulux


When Dreaming of a White Cat ….


When Dreaming of a White Cat …

mixed media on watercolour paper
17 x 24 cm – 6.69 x 9.44 inches
yes… what does it mean, when you dream of a white cat ? … 

… the sleeper on the church tower …


Kirchturmschläfer – The Sleeper on the Church Tower

going through my galleries on i found this.. Kirschturmschläfer… or in english.. the Sleeper on the Church Tower. it is rather old.. and i painted it with gouache.. the original isn’t available any longer but of course it can be purchased as print and on various products (also face masks) in my store >>> Kirchturmschläfer

i have started going through my galleries on .. cause they added many new products.. and my older art is not yet available on all of them.. so i am taking it easy.. going from gallery to gallery.. picking out some art to be updated… but also deleting art i am no longer happy with. be it because i am no longer happy with the art as such.. or with the quality of the upload. it is fun going through the older stuff… fun.. but also inspiring.. energizing… giving new input ….

have a lovely weekend all 🙂


moonstruck – mondsĂĽchtig … the moon’s everywhere and those fish love it …

finished for fb

Moonstruck – MondsĂĽchtig
even though the moon is not full yet… the fish are totally moonstruck.. from the depths of the ocean they swim/fly right towards it.. attracted by luna’s magic light.
mixed media on canvas
30×30 cm
available in my Artfinder Gallery 

downsized fb
Something Spacey
from a Dream
mixed media on heavy watercolour paper
available on ArtFinder  

had lots of fun creating layers, textures, patterns … i used stencils,
paper for some collage element, wax crayons, acrylics, acrylic ink .. some of this
and some of that. 


Mute Conversation ……… ink drawing

Mute Conversation
ink on paper
21 x 30 cm – 8.2×11.8 in.
original for sale… prints available..  contact me for more info please
mute conversation.. between the conscious and the subconscious mind.. between tree-man and fish-woman.. the fish symbolising a messenger. stars fall from the sky like a beautiful waterfall.. and end up in a cup.. which is overflowing.. stars spreading on the ground.. sun and moon and planets .. day and night.. light and dark.. only the guard-dog is happily sleeping .. smiling in his sleep.. the world turning around him.

I Opened the Curtain and there was Spring – uploaded and sold

I Opened the Curtain and there was Spring

i am totally delighted…….. because.. i uploaded this latest mixed media art of mine.. and sold it the same day to a collector in the usa.. WOW to that…….. and a big THANK YOU to the buyer 🙂 isn’t that amazing??

i have joined two new artsites.. one is ArtGallery UK an online gallery which is mainly interesting to buyers in the UK .. but of course i also ship worldwide from there .. and the second one is ArtPal a gallery/store where my original art can be purchased, but also prints and mugs 🙂

and of course.. if you want to really stay up-to-date with my art.. the best idea would be to drop by my homepage – artbymimulux – check my latest additions to the 2019 gallery and to subscribe to my mailinglist ..

i wish you a happy and creative new week !


.. the muse hit me today..

good and hard 🙂 three new uploads in just one day.. two photos..and one acrylic painting which is

The Mermaid’s Dream
– acrylic on canvas board, 18×24 centimeters, free shipping worldwide. for more info please follow this LINK

mermaid's dream downsized


The Coming of Spring


Spring is around, but not yet here.. Spring is still fragile and vulnerable … Spring is getting ready to reign but does not yet wear her crown … Spring is still a child … slowly growing, getting ready to awaken Nature once again … 

original available on ArtFinder – follow this link for more info please


It’s A Busy Life


It’s A Busy Life

at the moment my life is very busy.. there are endings, important ones, and new beginnings.. there is warrior woman with the strange headdress, and the angel who watches her wings fly… and inbetween, everyday woman, trying to catch her breath, staying calm in the midst of all the turbulences and happenings.

original for sale on ArtFinder

buy my art at

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