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… from traditional to digital ….

hi everybody

it’s been a while … sorry for not communicating … life happens….. ART happens……. and since art IS life… yes well that would take us too far now 🙂

hope you are all doing well… and just a few infos. i sold 3 paintings… i got a commission to do one in the Bird & Apple Tree style, sold another small one….. AND changed my hair style……. LOL.. from waist-length to an almost shaved head.. bald is beautiful my friends ! i was interviewed this morning….. YAY … and there will be a publication of this interview – yeah kinda logic… – but it will be in german…. mh.

apart from that.. all is well.. and now… this is what the header is all about. i did this painting in the traditional style… all in acrylics in fact, on cardboard… recycling art rocks ! .. a fish… painted on a piece of cardboard, which originally was a box for catfood….. ha ha…. kind of ironic isn’t it. so it was one fish at first… then i digitalized it.. and had the idea of mirroring it… and editing it a bit more in my various programs… and my painting went from the original “3-Auge / 3-Eyes … to the zodiac sign of PISCIES …….. i like it myself to be honest… the tribal quality it has. i love fish.. as you all know.. love to paint them.. but right now i am working on a new cardboard-art piece.. another theme i love.. houses.. villages, cities… and life there….. you’ll see.. i will publish it for you once it is done.

wishing you all a marvellous day… a happy week… be good, be safe… and stay healthy !

much love and light to all………… pat 🙂


… and now for the details …

my new art… is very… full… lots of stuff going on in this one… but i like it. i like to create big, but detailed art…. i like macro photography… this is like macro photography… only it is a painting – or drawing . i like going into details… going deeper and searching, analyzing, finding stories within stories, within stories….. i think this might be a line i want to pursue… going big by staying small… it’s all in the detail ……….

A Story within a Story, within a Story …

A Story within a Story, within a Story
mixed media drawing on watercolour paper
app. 32 x 24 centimeters


… woosh.. first it’s here and now it’s gone .. almost

i don’t think i ever sold anything so quickly as my little blue donkey today … 🙂 i must admit.. this is of course a GREAT boost to my ego.. and this buyer really and truly made my day… so a big thank you goes her way.
actually my little blue donkey was supposed to be a cow.. but that’s not how it worked out.. obviously. i started off with the head and.. no.. this didn’t look like the head of a cow.. so i just continued et voilà … my little blue donkey appeared. and i had barely uploaded it to my facebook account… and then it was sold. just like that .. whoosh……. but… thanks to modern technology… my little blue donkey is still available… not the original painting… but in printform.. on varoius materials and products… if you like LITTLE BLUE DONKEY .. just check out my account on FineartAmerica or RedBubble or Society6 .

acrylics on paper

original sold… prints etc. available on FineartAmerica


… oh well now.. here he is…

one real mean alley cat named ANTOINE… all the cats in town are in awe of him.. fear him even.. he never loses a fight and knows no fear……… BUT … when ANTOINE sees and smells daisies.. oh my gosh… then this huge big, mean old alley cat turns in to a purring ball of furry sweetness… now there you see what flowers can do !!!
so here we go.. meet………

ANTOINE the DaisyLoving AlleyCat

The original ANTOINE is for sale of course… and for more info please just contact me.

24×32 centimeters – 9.4×12.6 inches
mixed media on watercolour paper

but of course… ANTOINE is also available as print.. and on various products on FineArtAmerica/




acrylic on stretched canvas
30x24x1.5 cm – 11.61×9.44×0.59 inches
original for sale – for more info please contact me

Mighty Tree


Mighty Tree
mixed media on watercolour paper
17 x 24 cm – 6.69 x 9.44 inches
normally i only publish one piece of art per day… but at the moment my muse is in overdrive… i have 2 more pieces of art to  publish… but i’ll wait until tomorrow 🙂
this small painting is for sale… for more info please contact me through my contact form. thank you!

expressive outsider art – WISE ONE ..


i honestly don’t know if the term is “correct” .. but i feel it is……… my style is very expressive.. and i am definitely an outsider…….. and intuitive arist.. and i use a lot of symbols in my art.. but that would be too much.. expressive-intuitive-symbolic-outsider … def too much. so i stick to.. what i said in the title.

anyway… the wise one… the ancient tree… symbol for life, for the self… for growth, family.. deeply rooted in mother earth… reaching for the heavens… spreading, growing .. branching off, whilst the roots grow and spread within the ground, stabilizing and nourishing the tree .. i will not go into detail.. i think we all have our own views, our own meanings, stories and histories connected to trees…

i love trees. the beautiful almost perfect ones.. but even more so the gnarly ones.. the oddly shaped ones.. with faces and knobs and scars.. they have their stories to tell .. how wonderful it is to be with such a tree… in silence, listening and feeling the story it has to tell us.

The Wise One … can be purchased … the original painting is available on ArtFinder , prints in my usual shops on RedBubble, FineArtAmerica/ and Artflakes. for info please go to my Buy my Art page .. thank you 🙂


Daisy Field … summer is here at last …


DAISY FIELD – mixed media with collage elements on heavy watercolour paper

17. x 24 cm – 6.69 x 9.44 in. … original for sale…

prints, postcards and posters available

for more info please contact me through my contact page. thanks !


… thrilled to bits …


3 Houses on a Cliff … and Whispered Secrets are both off to a collector in the USA ! thank you so much dear friend ! .. i am delighted and thrilled and wish these two paintings a safe journey to their new home ! may they bring you lots of happiness and joy !


Mute Conversation ……… ink drawing

Mute Conversation
ink on paper
21 x 30 cm – 8.2×11.8 in.
original for sale… prints available..  contact me for more info please
mute conversation.. between the conscious and the subconscious mind.. between tree-man and fish-woman.. the fish symbolising a messenger. stars fall from the sky like a beautiful waterfall.. and end up in a cup.. which is overflowing.. stars spreading on the ground.. sun and moon and planets .. day and night.. light and dark.. only the guard-dog is happily sleeping .. smiling in his sleep.. the world turning around him.

buy my art at

Sell Art Online

buy posters and art prints

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