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Pensive Moment … thoughts from an optimist



mixed media on cardboard .. 21×30 cm – 8.26×11.81 in .. new in my cardboard series – original for sale… for info pls. contact me.

i am glad to say.. i am an optimist. it is a gift i have and i am deeply grateful for.. i have encountered many things in life which knocked me over – at first – .. but i always got up again.. and with all of my heart i can say.. life is great.. !! however.. as an optimist i have encountered prejudices.. such as.. you don’t take things/life seriously.. you are shallow… etc, etc. well let me tell you something………. NO. optimists are NOT shallow and do take things seriously.. also as an optimist i have my down moments.. my moments when i flip out.. get angry, upset, feel insecure, hurt, scared… pensive etc. etc.. … but as an optimist i know that life goes on, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and there is always a gold-nugget in the sh**t-heap.. it might be tiny, but it is there…… waiting for me. and once i found it… i take it.. treasure it, and believe it or not, gold nuggets can grow or multiply. as to the sh**t-heap.. THAT i use as manure for my gardenplants 🙂
have a lovely, positive day .. love and light to all


the seer

downsized fb

The Seer

The Seer … he sees, he receives… he seems calm and collected, a slight smile playing on his lips.. he observes and registers. he collects sights, sounds, impressions… connects, digests, divulges ….all the time watchfull and observant .. within and without… as above so below..

The Seer is mixed media on heavy watercolour paper, size 30 x 40 cm – 11.8 x 15.7 in.. the original is for sale, prints are available. for more info please contact me through HERE


happy new week to all… Go with the Flow 2


Go with the Flow 2
mixed media on canvas board
30 cm i.e. 11.81 in. in diameter – still available
photo taken from a slight angle to show the gold effect ..
i do create personal “energy portraits” for you.. for people, rooms, the past i created such portraits for individual people, but also for meditation rooms, yoga schools and more. for more info contact me please


so grateful … Go with the Flow 3



Go with the Flow 3

 i am totally thrilled and happy to announce that this painting has already found a new home. next week it will be on its way to cape cod, usa ! thank you so much to the buyer.. i am grateful, thrilled and delighted ! it is amazing and i am full of gratitude, as this painting was bought before it was finished… i uploaded a WIP to my facebook page and and within a short time i was contacted by the buyer. wow! 

sorry about the poor quality of the photo.. the light conditions were not optimal today and i had to use artificial light. as the painting has a gloss finish, all the photos i took just never turned out nicely.. this was the best of all… so my apologizes for that. i will continue to add more paintings to this series… however if you wish to have a personalized energy painting, just for you, a relative or friend.. or even a room.. building or.. whatever.. just contact me for more info. 


i made it !! :) Go with the Flow 1


go with the flow.. my first in an upcoming series of “energy portraits” or mandalas. the art is on a circular canvas board and in this case 40 cm in diameter.
i do create personal mandalas for you.. for people, rooms, the past i created mandalas for individual people, but also for meditation rooms, yoga schools and more. for more info contact me please …

the original is for sale.. for more info just drop me a line please 🙂 the full frontal view shows the colours nicely.. however the gold effect gets lost a bit.. that is why i included the photo of when i was working on the painting..


…. WIP .. new WorkInProgress


new WIP … i haven’t created many new things lately..  i’ve been having one cold after the other and that is kind of annoying and it also blocks the creative flow.
this image however… started off after i visited a self help group for people with cancer related fatigue.. it was my first visit to the group and there were 6 of us.. 5 women and one man.. it was a good group.. and after the meeting i went home and felt energized.. and sat down and started to paint this. lots of energy flowing in it.. connecting and touching.. moving around.. all on a calm blue background.. well.. it is still a WIP and might completely change.. but somehow i doubt that 🙂 hopefully i can finish it tomorrow 🙂


Daughter of the Sun and Moon


Daughter of the Sun and Moon
acrylics on heavy watercolour paper
24×32 cm – 9,4 x 12,6 in.
original for sale on Daily Paintworks
prints available on RedBubble and FineArtAmerica/

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