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… so now that i am here more often again … i am running out of titles …..

for my postings LOL 🙂 no seriously….. i just spontaneously opened this page without thinking what i was going to write. my art? yea… a bit i guess. my latest artwork….. 2 Dragons and a Unicorn… is an intutitive painting, as all of my paintings and/or drawings are. this latest one actually is a drawing… drawn on a painted background. so now you tell me… what is it. a drawing or a painting? i personally call it….. “mixed media drawing with collage background” … quite a mouthfull isn’t it… but then.. that is what it is.

is the concept of “intuitive art” difficult to understand ?? is it really? even though i tell everyone that my art just happens… i still get questions like.. what is you concept, what do you have in mind when you paint ?? … nothing.. that is just it.. i do not have anything IN MIND…… i just sit down and take out my paints, pencils or papers… glue them on to the paper, just going with what i feel is right… i do NOT have a conecept … or perhaps that IS my concept.. not to have one ?? who knows…. so before getting too technical and boring… here is my latest art….. 2 Dragons and a Unicorn.. i hope you enjoy 🙂

2 Dragons & a Unicorn

as usual… this art is for sale… for more info just contact me 🙂

have a lovely weekend all ! much love and light to you…….. pat


… some swiss stuff… and such

my new art DER BEOBACHTER/THE OBSERVER … will be more meaningful to my Swiss followers and friends here… Der Beobachter “….. is a German-language Swiss magazine. Published in Zürich, its 26 issues a year focus on consumer, health and political content…” “…. The Beobachter TV series on SRF 1 and SRF 2 as well as on radio DRS 3 also contributes helpful consumer information.” both quotes from Wikipedia so that was my inspiration 🙂 i hope you will enjoy my painting.

acrylic on paper
21.5×28 centimetres – 8×11 inches


… and who are you ? … und wer bist du ?

und wer bist du fertig mobile DOWNSIZED

.. and who are you ??
happily the red cat was walking through the meadows, when something shiny, goldish attracted its attention.. oh dear.. who are you?? shocked the cat stopped and stared at this blue and gold creature, wearing imposing antlers on its head ! meanwhile, the goose was flying towards the sun ..
mixed media on cardboard size 30 x 21 cm
.. und wer bist du ??
zufrieden spaziert die rote katze durch die wiese, als plötzlich etwas goldenes aufblitzt und ihre aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht….. achje… wer bist du denn?? erschrocken hält die katze inne…. und starrt auf die blau-goldene kreatur mit dem beeindruckenden geweih auf ihrem kopf! währenddessen, fliegt die gans in richtung sonne ..
mixed media auf karton, grösse 30 x 21 cm

… thrilled to bits …


3 Houses on a Cliff … and Whispered Secrets are both off to a collector in the USA ! thank you so much dear friend ! .. i am delighted and thrilled and wish these two paintings a safe journey to their new home ! may they bring you lots of happiness and joy !


Pilgrim Fox

PILGRIM FOX downsized

Pilgrim Fox

… has reached the Source

Gouache and India Ink on heavy watercolour paper.

Fine Art Prints, Posters & Cards available


You are the Sun and Moon

finished downsized

You are the Sun and Moon

Inktense Pencils and India Ink on watercolour paper

This is the cover for a collection of short stories about the life of a young woman coming of age.

buy my art at

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