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a buxom country woman…. the title my friend gave this painting…… yeah… so it seems at first sight… but then is it really ? could she be something else…?? let’s hear a little more about Marguerite

answer to my friend’s email 🙂 :

Hello my Friend 🙂

I’m glad you like her 😊 a buxom country woman … yes that’s what she seems to be..mmmmmh… but did you notice the scale pattern on her dress? Is it even a dress,  is it a fabric pattern … or could they be proper fish scales … making her a mermaid in disguise?? An elderly,  buxom one, but also mermaids grow older … 😉

and that is how this painting got it’s title……. MARGUERITE A BUXOM MERMAID. because yes… also mermaids grow older and expand a bit, well some do, others don’t. it is the same everywhere 🙂 so here she is…. Marguerite. i think she enjoys visiting our world, enjoys being in contact with humans… her family is big, but her children have moved out of their home, got married and had children of their own… same story everywhere. but Marguerite had one big wish … and that was getting in touch with us humans. her disguise is…. very down to earth 🙂 not what you expect a mermaid to look like. but then, how should mermaids look ? does it always have to be ‘glimmerglimmerglitzy? no certainly not. Marguerite likes her disguise, she sells fish on the market… and she is happy to be know as Marguerite, the fishmonger, and that is that….

Marguerite, a Buxom Mermaid in Disguise

so… Marguerite a Buxom Mermaid in Disguise would be the full title, but that’s a bit too long for some sites…. so let’s just stick to the original version.

Merci mes chers amis et amies … take care, have a lovely afternoon, enjoy it………. have fun 🙂

love and light to all ……….. Pat ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

p.s. yes of course she is for sale… if you are interested, just contact me through my homepage.


… still with them bumbly bees… and a little more ..

i admit.. my creativity took a rest lately. i have been doodling a lot though….. i find that very relaxing and inspiring also.. and as you will be able to see further down.. my mind is still with the bees. so actually, my creativity did not take a rest.. just moved on to a different level … however.. i also did a painting today… called it The Sound of Silence… very outsider art, art brut, art singulier. simple… yet not.

other than that… i don’t have much to say… am a bit quiet too at the moment. need to arrange my new studio… empty those moving boxes… arrange everything……

take care all.. blessings to all.. and much love and light 🙂 … pat ♥

p.s. .. and listen to the sound of silence.. and i don’t necessarily mean the song by simon and garfunkel 😉 even though the song of course is very beautiful 🙂

ah yes.. the sound of silence measures app. 15 x 21 centimeters and is for sale 🙂

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