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Under the Sun … and some inspiration

this morning i looked through some of my last year’s art.. and found Under the Sun .. and i remembered my inktense pencils.. true… this artpiece is also mixed media.. but based on inktense pencils.. the background was mostly created using them.. and of course the birds, sun, clouds…

i have a large box of them.. and i love them.. their colours are so vibrant .. and so nice to work with.. so why haven’t i been using them?? honestly i don’t know.. i was a bit out of it.. for whatever reason… not too motivated.. kind of a funny mood..

well anyway… seeing Under the Sun gave me the push….. and i started on a new inktense pencils mixed media piece.. first i just scribbled various colours on my watercolour paper.. and then with water.. i created a first layer for a background.. as usual.. i have of course NO IDEA whatsoever where this is going.. that’s the fun of it……. let my inner child take over again 🙂 have a fabulous week all !


Kashmir .. a little bit of digital whilst the paint dries on my canvas


digital art created in Fraxplorer and edited in PaintShopPro … admittedly; this is a bit of an older image, but i edited it a bit more.. enlarged it.. so that it now it is also available not only as artprint, posters and on cards, but also on various products.

i was inspired by Led Zeppelin’s great title Kashmir when creating this art…



patterns-textures-layers … sketches !


my muse and i decided it was time for some fun.. mind you.. being creative is always fun.. but if you create something in the hopes that PERHAPS somebody MIGHT be interested in buying your art.. there is a bit of an edge to the fun. at least for me … this however.. sketches.. are just that. sketches.. no ambitions and hopes that PERHAPS somebody MIGHT want to buy them.. if yes, great.. if not.. great ! so there is totally no pressure on the creative process.. no mights, and hopes attached, no fears of making mistakes.. just completely letting go and accepting what’s coming my way.. fun with testing and exploring different techniques.. different media.. mixing them.. scribbling, writing, drawing, using pencils, crayons, left-over sticks from burnt-down incense sticks, etc etc.. adding paper, gauze, acrylic gel medium.. anyway.. you get the drift. and now i finished this first set.. and already new ideas for another set are bubbling in my mind.

this feels GOOD, this is REFRESHING, this is how it should be !!! LIFE is GOOD 🙂 have a fabulous day and thanks for dropping by and reading this !


Penelope Fish and Scarecrow .. uploaded and sold !


isn’t it wonderful… these two paintings i uploaded to my facebook page.. and they sold within two hours. i am so grateful and happy 🙂 what more can an artist want than this kind of reaction to her/his art? 🙂

penelope is painted on cardboard… scarecrow on heavy watercolour paper. both are mixed media… penelope has collage elements, plus acrylics, acrylic ink and india ink. scarecrow has some acrylics, watercolour pastels and inktense pencil and a touch of acrylic ink. both of them got a finish..  a kind of varnish that prevents smudging, fading of colours and damage by humidity … if any of you would like to connect on Facebook .. just click on this LINK please ..

have a great day !


the seer

downsized fb

The Seer

The Seer … he sees, he receives… he seems calm and collected, a slight smile playing on his lips.. he observes and registers. he collects sights, sounds, impressions… connects, digests, divulges ….all the time watchfull and observant .. within and without… as above so below..

The Seer is mixed media on heavy watercolour paper, size 30 x 40 cm – 11.8 x 15.7 in.. the original is for sale, prints are available. for more info please contact me through HERE


print 02


Print 002
for this print i was inspired by kintsugi, the japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. wabi-sabi: embracing the Imperfect. In japanese philosophy there exists the idea of “wabi-sabi,” the act of embracing the flawed or the imperfect. When kintsugi is used to mend together broken pottery, the cracks are highlighted, rather than hidden, as i did in my print .. the torn pieces are mended together with gold and thus highlighted.
this print is sold unframed ! for more info please check out my gallery on DailyPaintworks

Room with a View – mixed media with collage elements


Room with a View
mixed media with collage elements
18×24 centimeters on canvasboard
free shipping worldwide !
original is availale on Daily Paintworks 


Three Friendly Spirits in Winter Gear


Three Friendly Spirits in Winter Gear
mixed media on watercolour paper.
Size of this painting is A4 i.e. 21×29.7 centimeters – 8.27×11.69 inches
The original can be purchased directly from my gallery at Daily Paintworks LINK 
if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, you can do so directly from my gallery page or leave a comment here


two messengers from down under


Two Messengers from Down Under

Down Under … no, in this case, not the beautiful australia, but the underwarter world. water… representing the subconscious in psychology, fish, inhabitants of this world, messengers from the subconscious. They bring dreams, ideas, memories, input, they connect us to our self; sometimes the messages are a bit weird, hard to decipher, they have their own language… but this language can be learned.. we just have to listen very carefully.

this is an intuitive painting – whispered into my soul by two fish – .. on thick watercolour paper.

original artwork available in my Artfinder Gallery.


Light and Shadow – a photographic study

Light and Shadow 1 – 3

as a contrast … or balance .. to my very colourful art and collages, i started this new series of Light and Shadow, all done with my mobile phone. prints are available on (FineArtAmerica) and for my Swiss customers on PrintArt Switzerland.

buy my art at

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