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………. Winston ………….

Hyppolite liebt Blumen von handy f. uploads SMALL

see…. i told ya. doggie art was waiting to happen….. and here we are……….. with WINSTON ………. i love him….. he reminds me a bit of myself.. loving flowers… a bit of a dreamer.. a bit.. uhm… chubby 😀 … happy, optimistic… loving life.
oh yes i know.. there are some very serious people out there.. wrinkling their noses at my almost childish art… thinking that this is not art.. these are just.. scribblings.. naive, childish.. no depth in them.. ?? well boo to you too…….. ! do you realize how much courage it took to just let my inner child take over and create these paintings?? to just.. completely let go of all expectations and high flying ideas … and just GO WITH THAT FLOW …… ?? fully aware that there is probably a high amount of.. shaking heads and sniggers and raised eyebrows and oh so wise trashing and tearing apart of my art by all those highly learned critics .. well as i said before….. BOO TO YOU TOO!

my inner child.. had to act adult for a very long time.. or was just silenced cause i was not able to listen to it.. to give it time and space.. to encourage and embrace it.  but now…. I DO !! and THIS is my kind of art.. YES !!! love it or not…….. up to you ….

ok.. had my say 🙂 as to Winston… it is a mixed media painting on cardboard..  19 centimeters wide.. and 9/13.5 cm high.. it is recycled cardboard.. from a catfood box haha 🙂 ……. the painting is for sale.. for info contact me please 🙂

have a wonderful day and weekend.. take care……. and stay healthy please !


… and who are you ? … und wer bist du ?

und wer bist du fertig mobile DOWNSIZED

.. and who are you ??
happily the red cat was walking through the meadows, when something shiny, goldish attracted its attention.. oh dear.. who are you?? shocked the cat stopped and stared at this blue and gold creature, wearing imposing antlers on its head ! meanwhile, the goose was flying towards the sun ..
mixed media on cardboard size 30 x 21 cm
.. und wer bist du ??
zufrieden spaziert die rote katze durch die wiese, als plötzlich etwas goldenes aufblitzt und ihre aufmerksamkeit auf sich zieht….. achje… wer bist du denn?? erschrocken hält die katze inne…. und starrt auf die blau-goldene kreatur mit dem beeindruckenden geweih auf ihrem kopf! währenddessen, fliegt die gans in richtung sonne ..
mixed media auf karton, grösse 30 x 21 cm

… at the Pink Coral … mixed media on stretched canvas …


… at the Pink Coral .. is a standard saying down here in the reef.. we meet.. “at the Pink Coral” and everybody knows what that means… and where it is.. right beside the blue Shell-Inn, where they serve lovely fish food, Algae Quiche or roasted Sandworm .. there’s something for every taste there… the old, the young and the middle aged meet at the Pink Coral… for a chat… to hit the town … to exchange the latest news.. the Pink Coral is definitely a central meeting place down here…….

mixed media on stretched canvas, 30 x 30 cm; the original can be purchased on ARTFINDER  .. prints are available in my various online stores, please check out my Buy my Art page … if you have questions.. please do not hesitate to contact me !


Cedric Octopus Sitting in a Cloud of Deep Violet Ink ..a title says it all …


… just the other day i was thinking out loud.. title or no title… reveal my thoughts about my painting .. or not ? do i want to “guide” the viewers into my painting.. into my world.. or should i let them explore on their own.. find their own story.. meaning.. adventure ?? i decided to…… go with the flow. if the painting calls for an elaborate, story-like title, fine. if not.. fine by me too. this one… definitely wanted a longish title. cedric the octopus is sitting in his deep violet inky cloud and thinking.. meditating perhaps?? whilst life goes on around him.. two fish will surely bump into each other unless… one of them quickly makes a turn.. the yellow fish to the right seems to be watching.. a little “voyeur” fish.. a slightly mischievous smile on its face… the big fish on top ?? yes.. what about him.. or her.. it just seems to glide above it all… having its own thoughts about the happenings further down.. and in sympathy to cedric the fish adapted to cedric’s deep violet purple colours….. phew.. what a story. is there more in it?? yes.. of course there is.. but that would be too much to post here 🙂

the original mixed-media painting is 20.5×29.5 centimeters big and can be purchased on ARTFINDER  .. prints are available in my various online stores, please check out my Buy my Art page … if you have questions.. please do not hesitate to contact me !


Rain Song … a visual prayer …


Rain Song 

when uploading this to my facebook account i did not explain.. no comment from me.. but a dear friend of mine immediately saw what this mixed media painting is about.. it is a prayer for australia .. may the rain come and extinguish the fires.. may the people and animals be safe .. may nature recover quickly… !

mixed media with collage elements on canvas board … 17.5 x 24 centimeters, available in my gallery on artfinder


Communicating with Sister Owl


Communicating with Sister Owl
mixed media on canvas board

new in my Gallery on Daily Paintworks … Communicating with Sister Owl, measuring  18×24 centimeters or 7.08×9.4 inches .. there are collage elements in the painting, and the media i used is acrylics, acrylic ink and various papers.

if you want to purchase this, it is easy to do so.. just visit my gallery on Daily Paintworks click on the artwork of your choice and then hit the “Buy Now with Paypal” link.. et voilà! Free Shipping Worldwide … my art is packed in a reinforced and padded envelope or rolled and shipped in a tube, depending on the size … also.. colours may vary slightly as not all monitors have the same settings.

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