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oh my.. it is high time… highest of times !!!…

….. that i write something on my blog again. so sorry for neglecting you all… but this radio therapy really made me so tired… still does. however, now i am on a roll. almost a painting per day.. and mostly either abstract… or neo expressionism…….. i will show you the last three works i created over the weekend. all my artwork is for sale… you can view it on my saatchi page 🙂

healthwise… yes as i mentioned… i am still in my radiation therapy but on thursday will be the last session. i am glad about it but i am happy that the treatment already has brought some improvements. the pain levels have gone down and it is a bit easier for me to walk. i still have nerve pain but not as much as before … but i also have a good pain management now. a good palliative doc… plus my carers see to me 🙂

i just decided i want a new tattoo. wrote to my oncologist when i can make it.. i.e. like how long after radiotherpay can i be inked… not a big one… just a celtic symbol.. which is also relevant in christianity as it represents the father, son and holy spirit. three ovals and a ring in the middle… combining all three together. ach hard to explain.. once i have it.. i will show it. what i will show you now are my latest paintings. i hope you will enjoy 🙂 bonne soirée à tous…….. have a lovely evening…… see you soon again 🙂

ok.. still a bit confusing here on WP … but on the left “ON THE RUN”, top right “DISTANT MOUNTAINS” and bottom right “MENDING THE BROKEN HEART”

that’s all. take care 🙂


…nothing spectacular… just a blue horse doodle sketch …

i am restless… my new painting is on.. and the paint is drying on the canvas.. will take a bit of time cause i sprayed a bit of water on it.. so.. i started doodling around.. and the doodle turned into a blue horse.. with a tree in the background… and a hill.. and a bit of sky… i uploaded this to my pc.. and i doodled some more.. and here is the result… just the doodle of a blue horse that turned into a sketch … with a tree in the background on a hill.. and a bit of sky..

should i offer it as print… do you think ??


sorry I’m a bit late :)

good evening dear friends and followers… sorry for being a bit late….. i wish you all a very Happy New Year. I wish you good health, joy, happiness, love, prosperity, harmony… all the good things in life.. 🙂


but of course i was busy also… and so i have started to work on some new art.. and here is the WIP – Work In Progress – the first one of this year. it is a floral one.. and it is my january garden.. it is full of life, hope, dreams, passion, joy, laughter… well all the good things 🙂 it is far from finished… but still i want to give you a glimpse of it 🙂 take care all.. much love and light to you………. pat 🙂

wip adapted downsized


… and here they are …

new in my Gallery on Daily PaintworksThe Sentinels, to the left, and Plant Spirit to the right. Both are mixed-media on canvas board.. both measure  18×24 centimeters or 7.08×9.4 inches .. there are collage elements in the paintings, and the media i used is acrylics, acrylic ink, wax crayon, pastel pencils.

if you want to purchase one or both of them, it is easy to do so.. just visit my gallery on Daily Paintworks click on the artwork of your choice and then hit the “Buy Now with Paypal” link.. et voilà! Free Shipping Worldwide … my art is packed in a reinforced and padded envelope or rolled and shipped in a tube, depending on the size … also.. colours may vary slightly as not all monitors have the same settings.


photography: lindenblossom & sweet william

this week i have not created very much art… but i am happy to announce that this week i sold two paintings to the USA! that is so thrilling and exciting 🙂

so i decided to add two of my latest smartphone photos here… the lindenblossom and sweet william. two flowers, totally different and yet same in that their sweet smell is totally intoxicating.

i probably perhaps might contribute more photos in the coming weeks and days, as i am leaving for switzerland on saturday – i will take some of my arty stuff along but am not sure if i really will be arty… or not. however the idea of creating collages with newspapers and stuff found in switzerland is kind of intriguing …….

of course when there i am also planning a shopping raid on my favourite artsupply shop – a MUST on every visit 🙂

and then i am really looing forward to see my children YAY to that :))

i might be writing a bit more here whilst i am gone.. just to stay in touch.. and to share more of my homecountry.

take care & namaste!


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