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yesss… my page….. my art….. and lots of other stuff

first the big news… the biggest……. i have my own home page…… and a direct link of course… please… here it is.. for you… to bookmark if you like it 🙂 that would be wonderful artbymimulux … that is all that you need to remember to hit on my page 🙂 isn’t that wonderful…… exciting ?? i am so thrilled to be there on that page 🙂 … and of course… as i already said… come and visit 🙂
so here is some of my art which i created lately :

so this is some of my art that can be found there, the octopus one is a bit older.. but the others are all new ones 🙂 gosh…… this is so exciting.. at last…… my own page … on an art site… so it is really perfect for me. my health you are asking ?? well i think the radiation therapy has helped. i can move around much better and my pain levels have also decreased… now that is a great relief because the pain was really bad before 🙂 so i am happy on all sides and sites :)))))))))))) LOL 🙂 thinking positive is such a great help…. believe me.. shit happens.. yes and quite often…… the thing is… in every shit that is happening … there is also a tiny nugget of gold to be found.. what we have to do is find that nugget…… take it out.. wash it off… and make the best use of it… and the shit ?? easy….. that we can use as manure for our flowergarden :))))))))))) yay people… that is how it works 🙂
wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best for 2022…… make it a fun, exciting and prosperous new year for all of us 🙂

Love and Light to all 🙂 …….. pat


a little info

dear friends and followers

i rarely post words here.. i try to just show my art.. without any explanations or comments. but now i feel it is time to explain something to you. those who have been following me for a while know.. that i post all sorts of styles.. photos, fine art, mixed media, collages, digital art.. all wildly mixed.. i post as i create …

now lately you probably noticed that it is all digital art. have i given up on the others ?? nooooooo .. never. in fact i am longing to hold a paintbrush, pencils, waxcrayon or whatever in my hand and create something with those. BUT .. big bummer…. end of december i hurt by wrist.. my tendons are badly inflamed.. and my right hand was useless. only a source of pain and .. nothing nice really. so.. lucky me, i can do digital art.. one outlet.. and so i stuck to that.. had to. now after 8 long weeks.. my wrist is slowly getting better… i never thought it could take so long but.. anyway.. just wanted to solve this – perhaps – mystery for you 🙂

and now.. back to art and my next posting is just about ready to be uploaded.



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