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… so now that i am here more often again … i am running out of titles …..

for my postings LOL 🙂 no seriously….. i just spontaneously opened this page without thinking what i was going to write. my art? yea… a bit i guess. my latest artwork….. 2 Dragons and a Unicorn… is an intutitive painting, as all of my paintings and/or drawings are. this latest one actually is a drawing… drawn on a painted background. so now you tell me… what is it. a drawing or a painting? i personally call it….. “mixed media drawing with collage background” … quite a mouthfull isn’t it… but then.. that is what it is.

is the concept of “intuitive art” difficult to understand ?? is it really? even though i tell everyone that my art just happens… i still get questions like.. what is you concept, what do you have in mind when you paint ?? … nothing.. that is just it.. i do not have anything IN MIND…… i just sit down and take out my paints, pencils or papers… glue them on to the paper, just going with what i feel is right… i do NOT have a conecept … or perhaps that IS my concept.. not to have one ?? who knows…. so before getting too technical and boring… here is my latest art….. 2 Dragons and a Unicorn.. i hope you enjoy 🙂

2 Dragons & a Unicorn

as usual… this art is for sale… for more info just contact me 🙂

have a lovely weekend all ! much love and light to you…….. pat


……. and then there were……… more fish !!!

5 Happy Fish Swimming to Town

so here they are. more fish……. 5 of them exactly… all very happy looking. well of course… they are off to town on a shopping spree! which fish wouldn’t look happy ?? well……. me for one…….. if i were a fish. i hate shopping sprees. if i want my shopping done.. i do it online…. OR……. dash into the store, get what i want and out i go again. yes, i am a definite anti shopper LOL. if others enjoy.. fine by me of course, as long as i am not dragged along……..

have a nice day all…… oh and yes, it IS for sale of course :)) byeeeeeeeeeeeees 🙂


today it’s all about *** PEOPLE ***


yesterday i picked up a background i had started on before i moved to my new apartment.. and suddenly she was there, my muse.. whispering into my ear.. taking hold of my hands.. guiding me to my tools.. making me sit down and just follow my intuition.. i was working quietly in my new studio.. enjoying the light, the atmosphere, the energy that suddenly was there in this room .. i was relaxed and felt at home.. and this is what happened.. a mixed media piece with the title PEOPLE …

PEOPLE measures 23×30.5 cm, on heavy watercolour paper and.. FREE shipping worldwide. for more info.. contact me directly or go to my ARTFINDER Gallery please.


mixed-media: The People Tree


The People Tree
mixed media on heavy watercolor paper

New #mixed #media #art
The people tree is a bit like a family tree but the people tree is made up of people who are important to us, friends, teachers, guides. People who made an impact on our life, who were and are close to us.
Original available in my #etsy #shop

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