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i caught a ray of sunshine in my bedroom !

downsized unedited

… strange title you might think… but it is the truth… this is a snapshot of a sunray shining through the shutters of my bedroom.. now, about 30 minutes later, the sky is covered with dark clouds and it looks as if we will be having a thunderstorm. fine by me 🙂

but this ray of sunshine was very special to me this morning … it was symbolic, a strong, positive sign …… i got wonderful news from a close friend, that finally a chemo is working for him 🙂 🙂 🙂 … i also got up this morning and almost had no pain in my leg :)))))))))))) (yes that is why i did not paint lately, sitting on a chair was impossible .. ) , i felt energized, empowered, strengthened, … this sunray brought hope, joy, peace, harmony… THANK YOU for giving me this sign 🙂 🙂 🙂


.. no story today… just a little bit of nature ..

today my focus is on nature….. on a park nearby… on some photos i took. decided to go for a walk this morning and – as always – haven’t regretted it. the park was almost empty..
wishing you all a great weekend….. please.. take care and stay healthy !


a new WIP and a photo

yesterday i decided to go for a walk.. a walk in the park… bally park to be exact.. a beautiful place.. close to where i live. it will be my last walk there for a while though.. since i am an “at risk person” … i will no longer venture outside but rather stay indoors.. and just go with the flow.

anyway… the walk happened… the WIP happened.. the other way round though.. FIRST the WIP.. late at night, the day before yesterday… then the walk. i don’t feel “stuck” indoors.. it is as it is, or as i said above… i just go with the flow. my muse is very busy i am glad to say… lots of ideas tumbling around in my head.. and i actually have ANOTHER WIP… but that is still very very early stages so no photos yet. but that will be a first for me.. it is BIG… 60×80 cm.. i never made anything that big before…… it is a bit.. awe-some.. but having a very pushy muse i know.. i will get there eventually.
take care everybody… and i wish you good health ! much love and light to all ♥

march 2020 aare downsized

view on the River Aare, taken from the Bally Park, Switzerland


my new WIP


… digging out ……

my pro camera … and having fun creating new photos… this is what happened over the weekend.

both photos are available on , RedBubble  and Oh My Prints

wishing you all a great new week!


photography: Dreamy & Mysterious album

Angel fluff downsized

Angel Fluff


reflections downsized


both are available at OhMyPrints


Photography – Light and Shadow Series

light and shadow 12 downsized


light and shadow 13 downsized

all my photography is available at OhMyPrints 


my photography

downsized 9


dear friends

i would just like to inform you that now i have a shop for my photography only. if you would like to check it out… here is the >>>>> LINK

have a lovely weekend!


The Gardengate


the gardengate

monochrome photography by mimulux patricia no

prints and more available on – former FineArt America

just follow this LINK please


switzerland: Stockhorn, the different faces of a mountain

this mountain, the Stockhorn, can be seen from my son’s balcony. what an awesome view…

the drive to switzerland went fine.. apart from the lousy weather through most of austria and germany… it was pouring rain and there were thunderstorms all over. in hungary the weather behaved and so it did on my arrival in switzerland; thank goddess for small favours !

wishing you all a great wednesday……… and i will keep in touch…..


photography: lindenblossom & sweet william

this week i have not created very much art… but i am happy to announce that this week i sold two paintings to the USA! that is so thrilling and exciting 🙂

so i decided to add two of my latest smartphone photos here… the lindenblossom and sweet william. two flowers, totally different and yet same in that their sweet smell is totally intoxicating.

i probably perhaps might contribute more photos in the coming weeks and days, as i am leaving for switzerland on saturday – i will take some of my arty stuff along but am not sure if i really will be arty… or not. however the idea of creating collages with newspapers and stuff found in switzerland is kind of intriguing …….

of course when there i am also planning a shopping raid on my favourite artsupply shop – a MUST on every visit 🙂

and then i am really looing forward to see my children YAY to that :))

i might be writing a bit more here whilst i am gone.. just to stay in touch.. and to share more of my homecountry.

take care & namaste!


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