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…. WIP .. new WorkInProgress


new WIP … i haven’t created many new things lately..  i’ve been having one cold after the other and that is kind of annoying and it also blocks the creative flow.
this image however… started off after i visited a self help group for people with cancer related fatigue.. it was my first visit to the group and there were 6 of us.. 5 women and one man.. it was a good group.. and after the meeting i went home and felt energized.. and sat down and started to paint this. lots of energy flowing in it.. connecting and touching.. moving around.. all on a calm blue background.. well.. it is still a WIP and might completely change.. but somehow i doubt that 🙂 hopefully i can finish it tomorrow 🙂


give me a smile – schenk mir ein lächeln



Give me a Smile – Schenk mir ein Lächeln 
give me a smile and make my day … make all the bad thoughts go away
mixed-media with collage elements on heavy watercolour paper – 25×25 centimeters
original for sale on Artfinder


thinking happy thoughts


Thinking Happy Thoughts
… don’t worry, be happy …

mixed media with collage elements on watercolour paper. size 25×25 centimeters.
original for sale on ArtFinder 


… on a more personal note

dear followers, dear friends 🙂

i realize that it’s been quite a while that i have posted anything here on my blog. and what i posted, was kind of sporadic. i would like to apologize for this. for very specific reasons, i was a lot less creative over the last months.

i don’t like to talk about private matters on the net, however in this instance i will make an exception… a small one. but i feel, you all have the right to know what’s been going on, what IS going on… and how things are.

i came to switzerland in june of this year to visit my children, and to have a medical checkup. it was then that i was diagnosed with breast cancer. in july i started on a very heavy course of chemo, 4 hourly, weekly cycles. after 6 weeks i had to have a break cause due to my immune system being practically non-existant, i was close to a blood poisoning in my left arm. i had to take antibiotics and chemo was stopped for two weeks. then, it continued and two weeks ago i had the last cycle. i was lucky.. all in all. the side effects were bearable, the worst being the extreme tiredness and exhaustion – i still have that ! – the complete loss of taste – yuck to all foods and drinks – the sensory disturbances in my hands and footsoles.

in the beginning i was still capable to create art, but as the chemo sessions continued, i had less and less energy to be creative. so i really changed into a complete couch potato. i read a lot – make this past and present tense! – mostly thrillers.. but many books on art too, watch/ed TV and slept/sleep.

OK.. so far so good. i am better now… slowly getting some energy back and slowly being more creative again. today.. i have to go to hospital for more bloodtests, a CT and meeting with my oncologist. in two weeks, on October 11th, i will have surgery.

anyway. i am good. i am.. lucky to be here in switzerland. i have fabulous doctors… am being treated in a top rate oncology center… and i wasn’t even aware there being one here, in the city where my eldest son lives. i live with my son.. he is wonderful.. looking after me, cooking for me, going shopping….. my other children live close by and visit me often. my wonderful husband is at home, taking care of the house and our dogs… if he weren’t so supportive and kind, i could never manage this all !

i count myself lucky. i am here, in a fantastic place, surrounded by the alps. there is so much good and healing energy here.. can you believe it? yes i count myself lucky.. yes, i have cancer, and yes, i have accepted it. my hair is gone.. i am bald.. but … i wont wear a wig nor a scarf nor whatever… i am boldly bald.. nothing to hide ! it is another lesson i am learning, another stepping stone in my life.

i wish you all a great new week… and sending you all lots of love and light.

mimulux aka pat






mixed media on heavy watercolour paper
available in my gallery on Artfinder 

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