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…. flying clown and half a mermaid …..

does the title make you curious? yes?? good ! that was my intention. well now… if you scroll down to my previous post you will see the WIP .. of the clown. the title of the painting however is “A Matter of Life”. i posted a text to go with it… to explain a little… give you some background where the muse took me this time. i also got a new WIP to add…….. but first things first

A Matter of Life

A Matter of Life

mixed media on watercolour paper – acrylics, acrylic ink, acrylic marker, graphite pencil

24 x 32cm – 9,4 x 12,6 in

Every morning is a new matter of life. Sometimes i wear a mask, masking my true feelings, hiding behind a laughing face, but not quite achieving to keep up the smile. A hand touches my head, giving me Blessings, the wind blows away the mask, bringing a fresh wind into the Matter of Life, the fish sing a happy tune and the sun smiles to herself, watching this everyday happening. Returning joy and happiness to this Matter of Life

…….. and now…. the WIP… no title yet. the bird and flower want my attention. well they will get it tomorrow.. too late now 🙂


well that is her……. the WIP. her name is MARGUERITE…….. that is all i know about her so far. i will see where the muse will take me tomorrow.

and now…….. good night my friends 🙂


… still with them bumbly bees… and a little more ..

i admit.. my creativity took a rest lately. i have been doodling a lot though….. i find that very relaxing and inspiring also.. and as you will be able to see further down.. my mind is still with the bees. so actually, my creativity did not take a rest.. just moved on to a different level … however.. i also did a painting today… called it The Sound of Silence… very outsider art, art brut, art singulier. simple… yet not.

other than that… i don’t have much to say… am a bit quiet too at the moment. need to arrange my new studio… empty those moving boxes… arrange everything……

take care all.. blessings to all.. and much love and light 🙂 … pat ♥

p.s. .. and listen to the sound of silence.. and i don’t necessarily mean the song by simon and garfunkel 😉 even though the song of course is very beautiful 🙂

ah yes.. the sound of silence measures app. 15 x 21 centimeters and is for sale 🙂


… the sleeper on the church tower …


Kirchturmschläfer – The Sleeper on the Church Tower

going through my galleries on i found this.. Kirschturmschläfer… or in english.. the Sleeper on the Church Tower. it is rather old.. and i painted it with gouache.. the original isn’t available any longer but of course it can be purchased as print and on various products (also face masks) in my store >>> Kirchturmschläfer

i have started going through my galleries on .. cause they added many new products.. and my older art is not yet available on all of them.. so i am taking it easy.. going from gallery to gallery.. picking out some art to be updated… but also deleting art i am no longer happy with. be it because i am no longer happy with the art as such.. or with the quality of the upload. it is fun going through the older stuff… fun.. but also inspiring.. energizing… giving new input ….

have a lovely weekend all 🙂


A Pillar of Strength

 i re-edited a photo.. an older one.. i did not like it .. the way it was and re-did it.

prints will be available in my online galleries.. and on society6 i will have it on various products

A Pillar of Strength

slightly edited photoArt


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