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……. and then there were……… more fish !!!

5 Happy Fish Swimming to Town

so here they are. more fish……. 5 of them exactly… all very happy looking. well of course… they are off to town on a shopping spree! which fish wouldn’t look happy ?? well……. me for one…….. if i were a fish. i hate shopping sprees. if i want my shopping done.. i do it online…. OR……. dash into the store, get what i want and out i go again. yes, i am a definite anti shopper LOL. if others enjoy.. fine by me of course, as long as i am not dragged along……..

have a nice day all…… oh and yes, it IS for sale of course :)) byeeeeeeeeeeeees 🙂


my underwater tour continues …….. the fish are waiting


…. i continue on my watery journey in a very minimalistic way… but let me warn you… it will not continue in this manner. the next “fishy” painting is almost finished and it is anything BUT minimalistic. i hope you will enjoy this……. and also the next one… which is not quite finished yet.

of course, this is for sale… and the best place to look for it is at Saatchi Art , where i also have a small gallery. and there you’ll see, that my hair is really gone…… partly due to the chemo therapy, but partly also because i got so annoyed with the “quality” of my hair, that i decided to get rid of it. i like my head like this 🙂

have a great day all 🙂 much love and light to you ♥


… so then i realized something …

i noticed that as of late.. my art started feeling.. “stiff” .. not as spontaneous as it used to be… i thought too much about what i was doing. it felt like …. mh .. imagine a hand.. instead of being open and relaxed it was curled into a tight fist.. it happened several times that when i had finished .. or almost finished a painting.. i just overpainted the whole thing again .. using either gesso, black or white paint because i did not like it… it felt wrong, not me, so i wanted a fresh start. however, i don’t like that !!! ok.. my one excuse might be that i am going through chemotherapy.. that makes me feel incredibly tired amongst other things.. on the other hand, art is what keeps me awake, so to say… so i decided i needed to learn to let go again. instead of a tight fist.. i should open that hand and shake it lose… so… i brought my sketch book to the living room. placed it on the table and as i was watching tv the other night, i took that sketch book and a ballpoint pen … and just started drawing.. not really paying attention to what i was doing.. i just let go.. let lose.. i just went with the flow.. and it felt right.. and in the end.. THIS had happened… as i was watching TV


The Happy Village



mixed media on canvas board
30 x 40 cm – 11.81 x 15.74 inches

the original can be purchased in my gallery on Artbazaar 
prints are available on FineArtAmerica and Redbubble  

Tropical Waters


Tropical Waters … as work in progress – WIP – and as finished mixed-media painting.

Tropical Waters is available in my Gallery on ArtFinder.
it is mixed-media with collage elements on canvas board
dimensions are 30×40 cm – i.e. 11.81″x15.74″

For more info please follow this LINK or contact me directly. thanks 🙂

buy my art at

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