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…. flying clown and half a mermaid …..

does the title make you curious? yes?? good ! that was my intention. well now… if you scroll down to my previous post you will see the WIP .. of the clown. the title of the painting however is “A Matter of Life”. i posted a text to go with it… to explain a little… give you some background where the muse took me this time. i also got a new WIP to add…….. but first things first

A Matter of Life

A Matter of Life

mixed media on watercolour paper – acrylics, acrylic ink, acrylic marker, graphite pencil

24 x 32cm – 9,4 x 12,6 in

Every morning is a new matter of life. Sometimes i wear a mask, masking my true feelings, hiding behind a laughing face, but not quite achieving to keep up the smile. A hand touches my head, giving me Blessings, the wind blows away the mask, bringing a fresh wind into the Matter of Life, the fish sing a happy tune and the sun smiles to herself, watching this everyday happening. Returning joy and happiness to this Matter of Life

…….. and now…. the WIP… no title yet. the bird and flower want my attention. well they will get it tomorrow.. too late now ๐Ÿ™‚


well that is her……. the WIP. her name is MARGUERITE…….. that is all i know about her so far. i will see where the muse will take me tomorrow.

and now…….. good night my friends ๐Ÿ™‚


taking a half turn and………. back to outsider art… my artistic life …….

it just seems to be difficult for me to stick to one style for more than one painting. mind you… it is always abstracts OR outsider art…….. painting, drawing…. whatever. but i need to be able to move… the freedom to follow the guidance of both, my inner child and my muse – which probably are one and the same anyway. so i follow them, it… and i am being led from one to the other… well it seems, this is just my artistic life…


4 SCARECROWS IN THE SNOW ……. I do admit… i am quite in love with this mixed media painting of mine. it developped so quickly… so lightly…. the instructions from the muse were so clear.. i just knew where we were going…… so here i am with my scarecrows… they started their journey in beautiful weather.. it was a lovely and sunny morning when they took off. by lunchtime they were in the midst of a blizzard… just imagine !! them still wearing their summerclothes and nearly losing their hats in the howling wind… well to be safe, they decided to find a sheltered place. which was behind an old red barn. there they stood, the four scarecrows, quite snowed in, glued to their spot on the ground… waiting for warmer weather to thaw them again …….

happy wednesday all ๐Ÿ™‚


darn it all… i did it again………

i wrote my blog…. wanted to preview it……. DID preview it….. went back.. and lost the whole entry. do i hear laughter out there ?? NO… it is NOT FUNNY……….. well….. not really. it annoys me.. just a bit… and yes it is a bit funny too.. i have to admit ๐Ÿ˜€ so…. here we go….. once again below sea level.. my muse is dipping and diving….. going here and there… in the water ….. out of it…. into the desert ? who knows.. we shall see. working on two paintings right now….. first the fishy one……..

and then………. there is this one

two totally different paintings. yes……. no ?? no….. not really. compare them… the shapes, forms… energy coming from it…… is the one below the abstraction of the one above? could be… yes… no ? let me know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚
and yes….. i will finally start creating a homepage here…. it IS high time… i have to admit ๐Ÿ™‚


… out from the deep… into the storm….

i know.. the title sounds a bit ominous. but it actually is a good thing………… cause this morning i did a very quick, “warm-up” exercise in my studio. … just out of the blue, totally spontaneous without.. thinking… and then this painting happened….. and a warm up exercise, turned into something very deep and meaningful… i called it…….. DANCING IN THE EYE OF THE STORM …… the idea behind it………. often in our lives with are confronted with stormy situations… situations that are scarey, seemingly overwhelming….not solvable… but they are. we should not try and fight the storm.. but listen to it… hear its rhythm.. its message….. and dance along with it. happy dancing ๐Ÿ™‚


acrylics on cardboard
30 x 21 centimeters / 11.8 x 8.2 inches


… so it looks… like this is not a one-time thing ….

… my love to create stories within stories seems to be the style i like best… no comments from my side… let the viewer of my art find her or his story.. her/his component of my art that resonates within that person… and create their own story from it. so here is another one… BIRD AND APPLETREE it is called… another story… with more story elements integrated into it. it is a mixed media drawing on paper … 32 x 24 cm big… or make that 12.5 x 9.4 inches — and yes of course it is also for sale. for more info please contact me. this piece of art is also available in my various online stores.. such as … or RedBubble .. for more info just check out my “Buy my Art” page — just click on the link …
i am already working on a new story within a story… ….. โ™ฅ โ™ฅ โ™ฅ — have a great week all !




… and the series continues ….

my outsider art is happily continuing… i am finding it more and more easy to let my inner child take over. mind you.. the controlling inner grown-up or critic always tries to get a foot in the door.. but as we go on it no longer feels threatening.. or even overpowering… it is possible to get that foot away and close the door to that critic.. that spoil-fun .. nagging, grumbling other side… not in a “brutal” way.. but in a gentle but firm manner. Telling it to stop right there, setting my boundaries and clearly.. drawing a line.. ๐Ÿ™‚
so here is the latest in my series… as all of my art, this is also for sale… and if you are interested please drop me a line.

Hรคnsel und Gretel kommen aus dem Wald / Hรคnsel and Gretel emerging from the Forest
acrylic ink on paper
14.5 x 21 centimeters

i hope you enjoy my latest art … thanks for viewing it ๐Ÿ™‚


… so then i realized something …

i noticed that as of late.. my art started feeling.. “stiff” .. not as spontaneous as it used to be… i thought too much about what i was doing. it felt like …. mh .. imagine a hand.. instead of being open and relaxed it was curled into a tight fist.. it happened several times that when i had finished .. or almost finished a painting.. i just overpainted the whole thing again .. using either gesso, black or white paint because i did not like it… it felt wrong, not me, so i wanted a fresh start. however, i don’t like that !!! ok.. my one excuse might be that i am going through chemotherapy.. that makes me feel incredibly tired amongst other things.. on the other hand, art is what keeps me awake, so to say… so i decided i needed to learn to let go again. instead of a tight fist.. i should open that hand and shake it lose… so… i brought my sketch book to the living room. placed it on the table and as i was watching tv the other night, i took that sketch book and a ballpoint pen … and just started drawing.. not really paying attention to what i was doing.. i just let go.. let lose.. i just went with the flow.. and it felt right.. and in the end.. THIS had happened… as i was watching TV


… uploaded … and gone !

well i am really thrilled to bits………. yesterday i uploaded a new painting and a few hours later it was sold.. what a wonderful, fabulous thing to happen.. ๐Ÿ™‚ so a big THANKS goes to the customer in the UK .. you really made my day :))

and this is the painting i am talking about:

mixed media on stretched canvas 24x30x1 centimeters.
dance sisters, dance.. live now.. enjoy this moment.. yesterday is gone, tomorrow not yet here… so dance sisters, dance !


… while my painting gently dries …

….. i went digital. i could not resist… even though my computer is hopeless… too slow.. not enough RAM … the graphic card is not up to it… to get my digital art done it takes me hours… but.. ok. i could not resist and created two designs ๐Ÿ™‚

to the left is ARCTIC SUN … and to the right … A NEW BEGINNING.

both designs are available in my various online stores/galleries …
wishing you all a great new week !!

best wishes……………. pat


The Happy Village



mixed media on canvas board
30 x 40 cm – 11.81 x 15.74 inches

the original can be purchased in my gallery on Artbazaarย 
prints are available on FineArtAmerica and Redbubble ย 

buy my art at

Sell Art Online

buy posters and art prints

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