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let the colors speak … and i will stay quiet… sort of at least

i am doing two things at the moment……. art-wise that is. on the one hand i follow my usual chaotic style… but as of lately a new “style” has slowly crept in. a style that works purely with colours. no figures…. no trees, no people or houses…….. just colors…….. colors that say it all. i will show you some of those today… and let THEM do the talking … or … the whispering.. or whatever appeals to you… makes you hear them… sometimes… also the eyes can hear….. did you know that ? so…… listen carefully and i hope you will enjoy :).

as you can see… this is a novum for me. a novum in the sense that i can stick to one style alone… well two that is.. but this is the first time that something consistent is happening. i know therer is more… there will be more…… so come with me on my journey ……….. and let’s go for it, in colors….

all my art is available as usual in my online gallery at DailyPaintworks.. just follow the >>> LINK
all 3 of these paintings measure 32 x 24 / 12.5 x 9.4 inches and are acrylics on heavy watercolour paper. larger sizes will follow.


…. and now for something totally different again …


acrylics on stretched canvas
30 x 40 centimeters – 15 x 12 inches
original for sale – please contact me for info

so.. the muse has taken me in a completely different direction again.. at least the colour scheme is sort of the same .. i need to keep busy.. it keeps me awake. my chemotherapy makes me extremely tired.. the moment i sit comfortably, i doze off and soon glide into a deep and sound sleep… not really my idea of spending the day.. and mind you.. i sleep like a log at night too… so.. instead of sitting comfortably in a chair or on my red sofa… i paint.. i let the muse guide me to new realms… art and my journey being a constant adventure !!

much love and light to you all !!!


photography: lindenblossom & sweet william

this week i have not created very much art… but i am happy to announce that this week i sold two paintings to the USA! that is so thrilling and exciting 🙂

so i decided to add two of my latest smartphone photos here… the lindenblossom and sweet william. two flowers, totally different and yet same in that their sweet smell is totally intoxicating.

i probably perhaps might contribute more photos in the coming weeks and days, as i am leaving for switzerland on saturday – i will take some of my arty stuff along but am not sure if i really will be arty… or not. however the idea of creating collages with newspapers and stuff found in switzerland is kind of intriguing …….

of course when there i am also planning a shopping raid on my favourite artsupply shop – a MUST on every visit 🙂

and then i am really looing forward to see my children YAY to that :))

i might be writing a bit more here whilst i am gone.. just to stay in touch.. and to share more of my homecountry.

take care & namaste!


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