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my underwater tour continues …….. the fish are waiting


…. i continue on my watery journey in a very minimalistic way… but let me warn you… it will not continue in this manner. the next “fishy” painting is almost finished and it is anything BUT minimalistic. i hope you will enjoy this……. and also the next one… which is not quite finished yet.

of course, this is for sale… and the best place to look for it is at Saatchi Art , where i also have a small gallery. and there you’ll see, that my hair is really gone…… partly due to the chemo therapy, but partly also because i got so annoyed with the “quality” of my hair, that i decided to get rid of it. i like my head like this 🙂

have a great day all 🙂 much love and light to you ♥


darn it all… i did it again………

i wrote my blog…. wanted to preview it……. DID preview it….. went back.. and lost the whole entry. do i hear laughter out there ?? NO… it is NOT FUNNY……….. well….. not really. it annoys me.. just a bit… and yes it is a bit funny too.. i have to admit 😀 so…. here we go….. once again below sea level.. my muse is dipping and diving….. going here and there… in the water ….. out of it…. into the desert ? who knows.. we shall see. working on two paintings right now….. first the fishy one……..

and then………. there is this one

two totally different paintings. yes……. no ?? no….. not really. compare them… the shapes, forms… energy coming from it…… is the one below the abstraction of the one above? could be… yes… no ? let me know what you think 🙂
and yes….. i will finally start creating a homepage here…. it IS high time… i have to admit 🙂


…from unicorns to queens and oracles …. symbolism rocks !!!

ok i have been quiet.. once again.. forgive me please 🙂 been running around a lot and unfortunately this takes its toll on me… i feel washed out and exhausted … my energy levels heading towards “very low”… however.. art keeps me awake.. energizes me even… well we all know, that art heals ! so art gives me all the good energy i need.. but …. writing something in my blog is a different story … …… anyway.. got nothing planned til next tuesday so i can rest…… and paint… and rest some more….. paint some more.. etc etc 🙂
so……… here is my latest painting.. all in acrylics.. AND on stretched canvas …… rather rare for me.



so.. going back to my symbolic art……. this painting is for sale and if you want to know more about it… please contact me through my contact page here on my blog.

the dimensions of this painting are 24x30x1.5 centimeters or 9.48×11.81×0.59 inches… painted on stretched canvas

of course……. prints etc are available… on FineArt America and on Red Bubble


.. no story today… just a little bit of nature ..

today my focus is on nature….. on a park nearby… on some photos i took. decided to go for a walk this morning and – as always – haven’t regretted it. the park was almost empty..
wishing you all a great weekend….. please.. take care and stay healthy !


.. walking on water – auf dem wasser gehen … an already published one …

downsized new

Walking on Water – Auf dem Wasser Gehen

first off………… i must tell you that the fish are gold .. nice and shimmery gold……. but of course this cannot be seen on a photo.. so.. just saying.. for your info. i have published this before, i think originally i painted this 2 years ago.. in recent weeks i have been lucky and sold several of my older pieces so i decided.. to give some of them a second chance also here.. in my blog. this mixedmedia painting is very special to me.. full of symbols, deep meaning, experience, history… yes ok.. most of my paintings are like that.. still.. this one is special to me. so if anybody wants to buy it.. it wont be cheap 😉 …seriously ! 🙂 if you are interested in it… please drop me a line through my contact page ..

wishing you all a fabulous thursday… stay healthy…….. and much love and light to all !!!


At the Waterlilypond .. and now for some mixedmedia abstract


At the Waterlilypond

mixed media on canvas board – 24 x 32 cm

been working on this for a couple of days.. useed wax crayons.. on top of the – mostly – acrylic background .. also added some ink for washes but also to paint.. i felt very quiet and relaxed whilst working on this. it has a soothing effect i think.. meditative… zen..

the original is for sale in my artfinder gallery, prints and products are available in my Redbubble and FineArtAmerica online shops.. for links please check out my Buy My Art page …


moonstruck – mondsüchtig … the moon’s everywhere and those fish love it …

finished for fb

Moonstruck – Mondsüchtig
even though the moon is not full yet… the fish are totally moonstruck.. from the depths of the ocean they swim/fly right towards it.. attracted by luna’s magic light.
mixed media on canvas
30×30 cm
available in my Artfinder Gallery 

Sunset at the Bottom of the Ocean …

on easel for upload

the sun is setting at the bottom of the ocean… darkness is approaching and it is time to go to bed… is it?? well.. yes and no. for the younger fish, school has closed and they are on their way home.. but others… seem to be ready for a night out.. cause there is a night life also at the bottom of the sea. lady octopus dressed up really chic, put on her makeup and is off to party…… as seems to be the case with the fish just swimming out from behind the rock… life just never is dull.. also in the depths of the oceans…

the original mixed-media painting is 23.5 x 29.7 x 1.5 cm centimeters big, on stretched canvas and can be purchased on ARTFINDER  .. prints are available in my various online stores, please check out my Buy my Art page … if you have questions.. please do not hesitate to contact me !


Rain Song … a visual prayer …


Rain Song 

when uploading this to my facebook account i did not explain.. no comment from me.. but a dear friend of mine immediately saw what this mixed media painting is about.. it is a prayer for australia .. may the rain come and extinguish the fires.. may the people and animals be safe .. may nature recover quickly… !

mixed media with collage elements on canvas board … 17.5 x 24 centimeters, available in my gallery on artfinder


.. from traditional to digital.. back and forth


Water Ballet

it’s been quite a while since i published some digital art. not because i wouldn’t want to… but because my notebook is driving me bananas. i had to buy a new one in a rush last year and just did not pay attention to what i bought……. it was a total miss 😦 … most of my graphic programs wont work on it – too slow, not enough ram .. etc etc. really frustrating for me.. as i love to create all types of art.. that is the reason why i stayed with traditional art for so long.. but now.. it was just the highest of times to finally go digital again. it took me about twice as long as it would have taken me on my old notebook (which was one fab machine!!!) … to create this.. the upload was like wading through honey .. and my filters and plug-ins are very limited. still…… i am happy with it.. and i hope you too.
this design is available in my various shops on RedBubble, FineArtAmerica (aka, Society6 , ArtPal as prints, posters, cards and on a variety of products.

buy my art at

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