Scrutinized.. watched… under observation .. analyzed, looked at……… given THE LOOK….. the… ‘once over’ which is a lot more than just once over of course….. those looks.. can be smirks, curious glances, stares… nailing you to the wall… rendering you immobile….. they can wither you, freeze you to the spot..make you want to cringe.. become invisible , crawl under the next rock .. make ya wanna die.. instantly … 



2 Responses to “Untitled”

  1. 1 JobeBS
    September 26, 2010 at 11:01 am

    I like this particular one because you’ve summed up “THE LOOK” very well. I think the use of yellow & orange gives us the impression of what you wanted that look to represent. I don’t think The Look is a ‘cold thing’, but a hot, intolerable.glare that you want to relinquish quickly before you have a melt down. It’s as though the yellow is soon to turn into orange, and you’ve caught the moment between the glare and melt down, so we can sorta’ see what’s going to happen if the staring persists.Unlike that previous airy-fairy comment, you probably intentionally integrated this effect: the longer you look, the more faces you see. I see 8 faces – the bottom left face I’m assuming is the person who is suffering – but there comes a point where you can’t distinguish where eyes are; and if you are the victim (the one who is suffering THE LOOK), you just wouldn’t care for details and you’d want to get out of there! These oasis of blue seem almost like gaps in the crowd. Are these the places the victim would rather be? They seem so cool and desirable in comparison to the vast jaundice ochre with the stares, the glares, the smirks and The Look. I’m still slightly puzzled on the purpose of this bottom left lady though. I find the fact that she is just black & white make her quite a neutral figure. Is she the victim stepping back looking at her own emotions? Perhaps it is a past experience? Is she one of the gazers whom have sympathy for the victim? Is she supposed to be us, as viewers? Very interesting indeed!And that contorted, spiralling shape in the middle… Another intriguing feature. It would seem that it comprises of appendages spewing from all sides. This really represents the Anxiety and Paranoia felt as a result of The Look for me.Ofcourse, that’s just what I’ve extracted myself from a 5 minute look and thinking I have the rite to an opinion. Did you have anything else in mind? I’m sure you don’t mind me working things out for myself – even if there is no right or wrong answer 😛

  2. 2 mimulux
    September 27, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    hi jobethank you so much for taking the time to look.. and comment. as you said.. there is no right or wrong answer. art is in the eye of the beholder – but i can identify with most of what you say.. or rather, i am happy that i could convey what i feel about ‘The Look’. meltdown, glare, heat, embarrassement, anger.. it is all there. to be very honest though.. i create.. and dont think much whilst i create. i let it flow.. at first it is an image.. sometimes a photo from my stock.. sometimes not.. and it starts off with some doodling.. and then suddenly.. i am on to something.. not really knowing yet what it is. i let the subconscious do the work.. and then.. it ends. it is there.. finished.. i can feel it.. it feels right.. and good. so did i have anything else in mind or not? i shall leave this question unanswered as i feel the image says what it wanted and wants to say.. since you obviously tuned into it! thanks so much for your feedback!

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