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where to place art ….

it is not easy finding a good gallery on the net. i have tried a few and some of them started out very good.. and then gradually turned more and more disappointing.. artist support went from good to well-just-about-ok … commissions for the gallery went up and up .. the promised promo never happened..  oh well such is life i guess 🙂

now however i have found a new gallery. yes there is a monthly fee – first month is free though – but i must admit … i am amazed at all the “goodies” offered to the artist. customer support is fab.. i have a problem, contact them .. and get an answer quickly. the whole set-up might be a bit overwhelming at first.. how to add art, etc.. but it is so well described and there are many great help tools that even for “beginners” it becomes easy to use. artists can add their art into their gallery – where it can be put into different categories and each piece of art can be directly linked to the artist’s paypal account, so if it is bought you get paid immediately! – and there is also an option to create an auction !

there is a lot of info .. and this gallery is def worth looking at.. so far i am very happy there 🙂 so .. where is it ?? just click on the image below and you will be taken there, to my personal gallery on Daily Paintworks. have a great sunday 🙂

promo for my page


… been a long long time …

good evening…… dear friends, followers, readers 🙂

it’s been quite a while since my last posting…… as you might guess… lots of things happened .. life sometimes just takes over.. priorities change and we need to concentrate on different matters.. art of course is still tops for me.. but for a while now other things have taken over. my eldest son, with whom i lived for the past two years, has moved abroad and i decided to move to a different place.. closer to my eldest daughter and her family. well easier said than done.. yes? well….. sort of. i believe that if we are in touch with our self.. tuned-in so to say and things are RIGHT .. and meant to be.. they happen. just like that.. they happen. and true enough… i found a lovely apartment.. big, with big windows and lots of light, two balconies, enough room for a wonderful studio.. great neighbours, great neighbourhood, bordering on a forest.. close to a big river .. yes i really really like it. 🙂 all went very fast and sudden .. i saw the flat.. fell in love with it.. and basically could move in straight away. wow… took my breath away.. sort of.

now i am here.. and slowly getting the feel for it… i have much too little furniture.. there are lots of walls though and i can hang some of my art there … yay 🙂 it feels good to be here and i am slowly getting back to art.. not that i have done much though.. we have a heatwave here and i watch a lot of netflix at the moment 😀 just sit .. and enjoy my crime stories.. preferably scandianvian ones.. but of course i also like the english and us series 🙂

so back to here… i will definitely make a homepage now.. on WP .. and i would greatly appreciate if any of you having a hp here could give me some feedback and input. are you happy with it.. is it easy to maintain etc ?spiral notebooks

i have decided to mainly stick to RedBubble for prints and products.. and to Artfinder for selling my original art.. RedBubble is – in my view – one of the best places to be as an artist. they have great products, the quality is first rate, the shipping cost are absolutely ok, the support is great. same goes for Artfinder for selling original art. these three spiral notebooks i bought for myself on RB btw .. the one on the right looks a bit pale but that’s because the window is right next to it.. my fault. but i love them… all three of them 🙂

sorry for this long posting….. i hope i did not bore you.. just wanted to bring you up to date 🙂 have a wonderful evening 🙂

love, light and many smiles…… pat 🙂


… and here they are …

new in my Gallery on Daily PaintworksThe Sentinels, to the left, and Plant Spirit to the right. Both are mixed-media on canvas board.. both measure  18×24 centimeters or 7.08×9.4 inches .. there are collage elements in the paintings, and the media i used is acrylics, acrylic ink, wax crayon, pastel pencils.

if you want to purchase one or both of them, it is easy to do so.. just visit my gallery on Daily Paintworks click on the artwork of your choice and then hit the “Buy Now with Paypal” link.. et voilà! Free Shipping Worldwide … my art is packed in a reinforced and padded envelope or rolled and shipped in a tube, depending on the size … also.. colours may vary slightly as not all monitors have the same settings.


this and that – an update


my creative space, in all its “cluttered” glory.  but i feel at home there and comfy… so.. i leave it as it is.. mostly. here… two works in progress….. a mixed media painting and a new page in my art journal.. whilst one dries.. i work on the other.

big plans.. definitely attempting to make a homepage now.. seriously. have been thinking about it for a long time and so far it made more sense to upload my art into galleries .. but now some things have changed.. for one paypal makes it easier to sell directly from a homepage or a social media page.. for the other i feel more “secure” about writing about my work.. keeping up a blog.. so i have decided to make a page on wordpress. i like wordpress, have been having my blog there for years, so i am a bit familiar with it. building a homepage however, is quite a different cup of tea. so if any of you have suggestions, input.. i am all ears. i have found a theme which i like and which i think suits my ideas, it is from the portfolio section..

so.. this is just a quick update 🙂
wishing you all a very happy weekend … and happy st. patrick’s day to all my irish friends 

love, light and many smiles




Three Friendly Spirits in Winter Gear


Three Friendly Spirits in Winter Gear
mixed media on watercolour paper.
Size of this painting is A4 i.e. 21×29.7 centimeters – 8.27×11.69 inches
The original can be purchased directly from my gallery at Daily Paintworks LINK 
if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, you can do so directly from my gallery page or leave a comment here


thank you !

today i sold these two mixed media pieces to an art collector in the usa.
“There’s a Little Night in Every Day” and “Thinking Happy Thoughts”
will be on their way to texas on monday!
i am totally happy and thrilled 🙂 🙂 🙂 THANK YOU !! 🙂

PAPERS …… art …. the muse and more !

my muse whispered something into my ear..  i use paper, lots of it for my mixed-media paintings/collages. a dear friend from switzerland contributed some beautiful silky, almost transparent paper which was used to wrap organic oranges. she sent those to me and a cash slip from her trip to armenia  wonderful!!! and you?? would you send me a few papers from your country? preferably thin, with or without print.. no newspaper clippings.. no cardboard please. just a few thin slips of paper.. in an envelope.. to keep the postage low.. anybody game?? my “payment”? a big tHANK YOU, eternal gratitude .. the use of your paper in one of my pieces of art and a mention 

WE CAN ALSO SWAP PAPERS !!!! this was a suggestion made by an FB friend of mine! great idea 🙂

if you are interested and want to contribute i would send you my address via email !

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PRINT 001 - a new technique i tried out recently.. #printing with #acrylics. the #artwork is sold unframed, this is just to give you an idea of what it could looke like framed. size 20x20cm or 7,87x7,87in. on heavy watercolour paper .. follow this link for more info please #dailypaintworks_com #dailypaintworks #abstract #print #printing #affordableart #intuitiveart #outsiderart #mimuluxpatriciano #swissart #swissartist #prints #artforsale #black #gold #grey #white
WOMAN .. she is shy, coy, but also inviting, alluring; she is insecure but also sexy – innocent and knowing.. she is old and young.. she’s all of it.. and nothing…… … is an ACEO card, acrylic on thick acrylic paper. the original is sold .. prints are available here #woman #feminine #female #she #her #shy #alluring #old #young #eternal #acrylics #aceo #outsiderart #intuitiveart #artfromthesoul #psyche #psychology #emotion #vibes #emotive #portrait #face
Starry Night mixed media on heavy watercolour paper 24x32 cm i.e. 9,4x12,6 in. for more info pls check out my homepage #dailypaintworks #night #midnight #moon #fullmoon #stars #starry #landscape #urbanlandscape #town #city #citynight #star #intuitiveart #outsiderart #abstract #nightscape #trees #bluetrees #houses #artbymimulux #artforsale

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