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good evening.. and now it is really cold but now snow… sigh

when it is cold i like to have snow……… but apparently the weather does not agree with me. cold yes, snow no ! so there we go………. sun ! also ok. still……. snow and THEN add the sun……… now that would be perfect. ok i will stop rambling. instead let me introduce you to HER… a really Sassy Redhead … this also the title of my new painting. and sassy she sure is……. sassy, confident, proud… !!! good for her i say 🙂

A Sassy Redhead

so this is HER……… that sassy woman. of course she is available for sale… and as usual on my new site… just follow this link >>>> artbymimulux … wishing you a wonderful and cozy warm evening……. :))

love and light……….. pat


ooooooh… i am so happy!!! and another collage …….

ok.. now why i am so happy doesn’t really have anything to do with the collage i will be uploading…… but it just so happens that i managed to install.. or rather re-install my wacom intuos tablet YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!! i haven’t used this for ages…… because my little notebook could not handle it… so it was just collecting dust in my bookshelf. but now… with my NEW computer…….. my PC…….. i can use it again. i found it yesterday in one of the moving boxes … and today.. i downloaded the driver…… and am ready to go now……. for creating digital art :)))))))))) sooooo happy about that.

of course……. i will not negelct my collages etc…….. but it is just one more tool that i can use for creating art… i think i can really say now that i am a multi-media artist ?? wouldn’t you agree ??

on a different note……. here is my new collage, again a hommage to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec …… i hope you enjoy this too…. it is still available btw…… 🙂

Collage Henri 2

Collage Henri 2


and…… whoooooshhhhhhhhhhh … it’s gone – yepeee :)

i am talking about the collage i made yesterday. i had just uploaded it to fb when i got a message by one of my dear followers…. asking me for the price. well i made her an offer and she was ok with it and bought it. (doing a little happydance in my studio) 🙂 🙂 🙂

i am making another one… it will be called… Collage Henri 2 … no it is still a wip and i wont show you THAT. … i informed my buyer that i am making a second one, also a hommage to henri de toulouse-lautrec’s amazing art…….. do you think that is ok ??

so anyway… here is the one i sold yesterday.. i also published it in my yesterday’s post… but it looks very small there.. kinda hidden a bit……. so here it is again in big……… and once the other one is finished… that will be also posted 🙂

et voilà …. Collage Henri

Collage Henri


oh wow.. what a week.. and still thinking about a homepage……..

as the title says……. oh what a week.. ! so much happening IRL so that of course i did neglect my blog again. so sorry. had some medical issues which needed looking after.. i.e. i had a head MRI and will start radiation therapy next week.. for 2 weeks.
there is an article about me yepeeeeeeeeeee :)) …… it is in german.. or french… and if you have google translator or any other translation program….. you can also read it in english.. if you wanna read it.. just follow this LINK

and of course i also created art……. to give you an impression of what a chaotic artist i am…….. some photos for you… or would you call me a multi-media artist?? mh………. now that is a thought 🙂 et voilà …. here we go.. digital art, mixed media art, collage, photography.. it’s all there! hope you enjoy it…

and of course i am still thinking of a homepage…… here on wordpress… where else :)) anyway.. so withouth any further text from me……. here my latest creations 🙂

and just for your info…… i have no appointments for the next couple of days.. so i will be busy creating new art … of all types ! 🙂


.. oh .. woot woot… i did it again.. yayayayyyy !!! …

so.. what did i do again ??

oh… so what is it that i did do again ?? what… D I D I D O !!!! ??? (imagine big eyes now) … oh well….. nothing bad.. nothing… that i need to worry about……….. actually i did something really fab.. i did contribute some art to the TWITTER ART EXHIBIT those who know me, know that this isn’t the first time that i am taking part. this year is year 11 for TAE and i am very proud to having taken part in the first TAE 11 years ago. for more info.. just follow the link .. so here is my art… which i sent off this evening.. my art.. which was inspired by a poem by the German poet Karl Philipp Conz (1762 – 1827), Die Windesbraut .. unfortunately i could not find an english translation for this poem. so … here we go:

Die Windesbraut / Bride of the Wind
mixed media on heavy watercolour paper
acrylics, waxcrayon, india ink, collage
postcard sized


The Day the Fish Stopped Singing


The Day the Fish Stopped Singing

mixed media on heavy watercolour paper… it measures 24 x 17 centimenters.. the original is for sale.. just contact me for info … 
so.. what happened on that day? nobody knows.. the fish just stopped singing… and then something happened.. but what? its a riddle.. a mistery….. a story waiting to be told……….. 


will she talk to me ? … wird sie mit mir reden ? … mixed media on cardboard

will she talk to me from cloud downsized

will she talk to me ? … wird sie mit mir reden ?

poor fella .. he does seem to be a bit intimidated by her… he would love to approach her.. talk to her.. but would she respond.. would she even be aware of him? fears and insecurity are happening big time .. but i hope he will gather up his courage and just.. say something to her. i am sure she will respond.. she is not as intimidating as she looks… good luck to him ! 🙂

mixed media on cardboard.. size 19 x 9 centimeters


my inner child is having a ball … “The red Cat on the Roof” … mixed media on cardboard

die rote katze auf dem dach downsizeddie rote katze auf dem dach – the red cat on the roof

mixed media with collage elements on cardboard. size 9 x 19 centimeters; signed on the front… i added a protective varnish to the painting. the original is for sale.. for info please contact me.

you might have noticed… my inner child is having a ball……. having fun and being totally happy. for a long time it had to stay put and quiet… act “grown-up” during my cancer treaments.. and all the stuff that happend during this particular journey. the inner child went very quiet .. tried to support me as much as possible, but i was not in the mood, not capable for fun and games.. preoccupied with other matters, my inner child got a bit neglected. but now things have changed and .. my inner child is back.. i give it all the attention it wants and i get “rewarded” by lovely, artsy input, images full of colour and life. i hope you all are having as much fun with this as i/we are having.


gartenstadt – garden town .. a happy, fun place to be…

Gartenstadt - Garden Town downsized

Gartenstadt – Garden Town

mixed media on heavy watercolour paper, with collage elements for which i used newspaper, origami paper and old reciepts etc.
size 20x20cm – 7.87×7.87″
original for sale; for info pls contact me through my contact page. prints available.

Garden Town is a very happy place.. at the moment it is rather quiet.. well it is just around lunchtime and nobody’s outside.. busy indoors.. cooking or eating or whatever..


Penelope Fish and Scarecrow .. uploaded and sold !


isn’t it wonderful… these two paintings i uploaded to my facebook page.. and they sold within two hours. i am so grateful and happy 🙂 what more can an artist want than this kind of reaction to her/his art? 🙂

penelope is painted on cardboard… scarecrow on heavy watercolour paper. both are mixed media… penelope has collage elements, plus acrylics, acrylic ink and india ink. scarecrow has some acrylics, watercolour pastels and inktense pencil and a touch of acrylic ink. both of them got a finish..  a kind of varnish that prevents smudging, fading of colours and damage by humidity … if any of you would like to connect on Facebook .. just click on this LINK please ..

have a great day !

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