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happyness is a smiling fish



Happyness is a Smiling Fish
mixed media with collage elements on heavy watercolour papers
think happy thoughts and be happy
for sale in my Artfinder gallery 

two messengers from down under


Two Messengers from Down Under

Down Under … no, in this case, not the beautiful australia, but the underwarter world. water… representing the subconscious in psychology, fish, inhabitants of this world, messengers from the subconscious. They bring dreams, ideas, memories, input, they connect us to our self; sometimes the messages are a bit weird, hard to decipher, they have their own language… but this language can be learned.. we just have to listen very carefully.

this is an intuitive painting – whispered into my soul by two fish – .. on thick watercolour paper.

original artwork available in my Artfinder Gallery.


circles & lines

circles & lines small

Circles & Lines
mixed media, digitally edited
as usual i don’t think about what i am doing.. just going with the flow. took me 3 days to complete





sometimes the ghostship brings back memories to us, ghosts which we faintly remember or have forgotten alltogehter. these ghosts can be happy, friendly, dark, scarey… but they are part of us and part of our past. we learn from those ghosts, each one has brought a lesson to us, a lesson for us to grow from and to make us stronger. the mermaid and the fish are there as friendly spirits, observing … in the background the universe is watching..

original for sale on ARTFINDER 


observing the world through a crack in the universe


Observing the World through a Crack in the Universe

mixed media with collage elements
created on recycled cardboard;
materials used: various papers & cardboard pieces, acrylics, india ink, gesso, artist markers, inktense pencils.
size: 17×21.5 cm – 6.69″x8.46″

original for sale on Artfinder


celestial windows – and the story behind my art


Celestial Windows
The Story behind Celestial Windows: In July 2016 i was diagnosed with breast cancer. Then my world turned upside down… for a while. Chemotherapy started immediately, followed by surgery, then a break and soon i am starting with radiation therapy, then one more chemo-series. One thing followed the other, it took my breath away. During chemo i lost my creative spark, i was too tired, too exhausted and i spent most of my days on the sofa, sleeping! it takes quite a while to recover from this.
Now finally my creativity seems to be back. My style has changed – a bit … I notice that my colours are stronger, the designs more intricate. I use mostly recycled cardboard to create my mixed-media collages, but some are still done on watercolour paper.
The story of Celestial Windows: Chemotherapy.. sounds scary. I was confronted with this soon after my diagnosis. My oncologist is a wonderful person, kind, compassionate, gentle. He took and takes his time to explain, to remove fears, to be honest without shocking, and so he told me what type of cancer i had and what kind of chemo would be applied. It sounded like a lot – 4 hours per week over 8 weeks. UGH.. i went… and he admitted, it WAS a lot.
So he accompanied me to the chemo room. I heard some bleeps from machines, low voices .. and entered the room for the first time. There was a big desk, nursing staff was busy behind and in front of the desk, my oncologist introduced me to the staff and.. i was greeted by friendly smiles all round. Then i saw the chairs, they looked wonderfully comfy.. covered in a soft leatherlike material, light beige in colour, with buttons to adjust the position of the chair.. so it could be almost turned into a bed.. or you could sit straight up… Next i noticed that all chairs stood side by side, with a partition between each chair so each patient had his privacy.. but then i saw the windows! Huge, enormous windows, and the view was overwhelming. It was so beautiful.. so magic … so special. The oncology ward is on the 5th floor, so i was quite high up already, no buildings blocking the view, and there it was, this incredibly beautiful view.. right on to the swiss alps. The famous Eiger mountain almost close enough to touch, next to it the Mönch and the Jungrau mountains. I remember thinking, this view is magic, it has healing qualities.. the energy here is wonderful, and i relaxed, feeling safe and well cared for.
So the Celestial Windows represent those “magic windows” in the chemo room; the angels are the careing nursing staff, cause that is what they are, kind, gentle and always a friendly smile ready for you, the big angel standing behind and a little bit hidden represents my oncologist… and Goddess, sitting a bit off to the side and smiling to herself, well she is herself, that strong and powerful energy i felt up in that room, and not only in that room, this energy is everywhere here.


Celestial Windows


The Celestial Windows are open, there are angels everywhere, Mother Goddess is sitting to the right, smiling to herself.. looking out at the Universe.

original for sale on ArtFinder  – Mixed Media with Collage Elements

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